Casting Seaward

Steve Ramirez

Fly Fisher, Naturalist, Author

Steve Ramirez has been traveling thousands of miles in pursuit of native gamefish in salt and brackish water habitats. Join us as Steve tells his stories of adventures in the salt that weave fish, people, and nature together and how humanity impacts the world in many ways.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • What made you look seaward for your latest book?
  • What is Casting Seaward about?
  • How did you pick the places and people you want to fish with?
  • Do you make notes on site (or en plen aire) or does the writing come from recollections at a later date?
  • How do you view your purposeful work in writing about our natural world along with your personal journey?
  • What as the most exciting experience you had?
  • What experience was the most challenging?
  • What species was the hardest to target?
  • What experience did you learn the most about fishing?
  • Which experience did have that helped you to grow the most personally?
  • How do you think the coastal waters are doing?
  • What factors are at issue with managing the striped bass and bluefish fisheries on the east coast?
  • What can we do as fly fishers to help conserve and preserve?

Steve Ramirez
Casting Seaward
Steve Ramirez Casting Seaward

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