Casting Forward, Onward, and Seaward

Steve Ramirez

Fly Fisher, Naturalist, Author

Steve Ramirez is a fly fisher, writer, educator, master naturalist, philosopher, and outdoor adventurer. He's traveled four continents writing about fishing, landscapes, human cultures, and the natural world. He's written for many of the major periodicals and is publishing his latest book Casting Seaward. This book is the third in a book series that started with Casting Forward and was followed by Casting Onward. Join us and hear Steve's thoughts on fly fishing, conservation, restoration, and his hopes for the future of planet earth.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • When did you start writing?
  • What effect do your previous careers have on your writing today?
  • What do you use fly fishing as the basis for your stories?
  • What are your books about and what effect do you hope they'll have on your readers?
  • Does writing energize you or exhaust you?
  • Do you make notes during a trip and then write about it later?
  • How do you think your writing will help the natural world?
  • Where and when do you write?
  • In all your travels what was the most challenging species, you fished for?
  • Of all the places you've traveled and fished, what is the most memorable?
  • What can we do as fly fishers to help combat global warming?
  • As humans are we working to conserve, preserve, or destroy our natural world?
  • Do you think the world would be better off without humans?
  • Do you think we can reverse the current trends that adversely affect our environment?

Steve Ramirez
Casting Forward, Onward, and Seaward
Steve Ramirez Casting Forward, Onward, and Seaward

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