Bristol Bay’s Sockeye Salmon and Rainbow Trout

Bill Horn

Fly Fisher, Author

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Bill Horn has had a fifty-year connection with Alaska. Each year 60 million or more wild salmon run up the rivers of Bristol Bay and of course, rainbow trout are right there with them. Bill will share his knowledge of the natural history, culture, and management of this fishery along with fishing strategies, fly choices, and trip planning. Listen in to learn more about this outstanding and one-of-a-kind fishery.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • What inspired you to write Crimson Wave?
  • Why is Bristol Bay so important?
  • What does Bristol Bay represent?
  • Who are the people that live in Bristol Bay?
  • Why are sockeye salmon important to commercial fishing?
  • Are the sockeye salmon a sustainable species?
  • Why are sockeye hard to catch on a fly?
  • Why don't sockeye have the respect that other salmon have?
  • What is the lifecycle of sockeye?
  • Is it better to fish for sockeye nearest the sea before they begin to change color?
  • What weight rod do you use for sockeye?
  • Why are sockeye important to rainbows?
  • What fly fishing techniques or presentations do you use for rainbows?
  • What is the status of the controversial Pebble Mine project?


Bill Horn
Bristol Bay’s Sockeye Salmon and Rainbow Trout
Bill Horn Bristol Bay’s Sockeye Salmon and Rainbow Trout

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