Adaptive Fly Fishing: Strategies for Diverse Water Types

Lance Egan

Fly Fisher, Fly Tier, Guide, Instructor

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Lance Egan has had a passion for fly fishing for close to three decades. After representing Fly Fishing Team USA in 13 world championships this guy has experienced just about every fishing situation one might encounter. Listen in to hear how Lance breaks down a river into distinct water types including pools, riffles, runs, pocket water, glides, bank-side lies, and eddies and learn his methods for hooking up effectively in each water type.

Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

  • How do you fight the wind and get nymphs down fast?
  • What are your 'go to' tactics for productive summer fishing?
  • When fishing a new river for the first time, what are the steps and observations you take to fish it?
  • How do you improve your hookups when using dry flies?
  • What water types are best fished using euro nymphing techniques?
  • What type of vest or pack do you prefer?
  • How do you rig up your net for each access?
  • What are the options for fishing riffles?
  • What is the best approach and presentation for fishing bank-side lies?

Lance Egan
Adaptive Fly Fishing: Strategies for Diverse Water Types
Lance Egan Adaptive Fly Fishing: Strategies for Diverse Water Types

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