Saltwater Gamesfishes of the World

By Bob Dunn & Peter Goadby

1000s of colored prints & items of choice tackle relating to the history of fishes & fishing down through the centuries.. Full color; 9x12 inches, 304 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-86513-009-5

EAN: 978-1-86513-009-5

Binding: Hardcover

Publish Date: 08/01/2006

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This is a book for all those who love the sea and the great oceanic and inshore fishes which inhabit it. It is a book, not only for anglers, but for marine scientists, nature lovers and seafarers of all nations who share a curiosity about these majestic creatures and how our knowledge of them slowly developed over the past two millennia.

For the scientist there is a 2000 year history of the early naturalist and fishes they first described, often in hostile and sometimes perilous circumstances. For the lover of wildlife and natural history art there are hundreds of old engravings, many hand colored with great delicacy, depicting the saltwater game fishes of the world. These illustrations are intensely evocative of the period and remind us of the skills of yesteryear, now largely lost. Finally, for the angler, there is the never-told-before history of the ancient sport of sea fishing from its origins in the mists of antiquity to the present day. In this fascinating odyssey the reader will encounter ancient battles with giant sharks including some off the earlier stories involving the great white shark. Meet the French naturalist who examined and described the first marlin and share his sense of wonderment at this unique creature. Read in the angler’s own words the account of the giant tuna capture in 1898 which launched the modern-day sport of big game fishing. Coffee-table sizing that fits in a library.

"Let me congratulate both of you on your wonderful book. It is amazingly well researched and written, and the images are just perfect." --Gail M Morchower, Librarian, International Game Fish Association

"This book is not just a book for saltwater anglers. All anglers, whatever their individual persuasion will benefit from this erudite and highly readable investigation of the origins of their sport. Ichthyologists will enjoy the first modern history of their science in almost 200 years, a history brought to life by revealing portraits of the early naturalists. Few sports can boast a history as comprehensive as Saltwater Game Fishes of the World. Anglers everywhere should be proud that Bob Dunn and Peter Goadby had the vision and dedication to complete this momumental work." --Michael Leech, President, International Game Fish Association

"The section on the Naturalists is a wonderful summary of fish taxonomy and collections up to 1900. The level of scholorship is high indeed and the inclusion of the marvelous old fish figures will help bring this story to life for the audience." --Dr John Paxton, Research Fellow Fish Section, Australian Museum

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