River King

By Bob Romano

In THE RIVER KING, Bob Romano returns to western Maine, but this time with a cast of new characters. In this latest novel four young friends struggle to find their way in a life filled with the angst of growing up in a backwoods town filled with memorable characters. Fly fishing is the common thread that binds these four friends together, but it is also the force that threatens to tear them apart.


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ISBN: 0-9996155-0-5

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Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 20/11/2017

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From an early age, Harry Duncan gravitated toward his grandfather and great uncle, men who learned to fly fish on the highland rivers of their Scottish homeland. While Harry’s parents struggle against their demons, the two older men generously impart their knowledge of western Maine’s lakes, ponds and streams to the young boy

Born out of wedlock, Thelma Louise Shannon, Harry’s “friend-with-benefits,” works behind the bar at Sparky’s Tavern while dreaming of the day she’ll leave behind the tannin-stained ponds and sun-speckled streams that Harry has grown to love.

Donnie Gilroy is obsessed with catching a brook trout as big as the one he lost as a young boy on account of two anglers “from away.” This leads Harry’s best friend to declare war on anyone fishing his home waters, a war that eventually impacts his life and the lives of his friends in ways they never imagined.

Known as Petey Boy to his friends, Peter Jordan’s mind has never caught up with his body. As a result, Harry, Donnie, and Thelma Louise must protect the young man with special needs from the outside world, at least until now.

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