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Excellent! Going fishing for Snook in April.
- Dave Fulthorpe

Very enjoyable and informative, nice presentation style from Norm Zeigler.
- Rob Mellors

I must say i did not listen to that show as i was over on Vancouver Island trying to hook a winter spring salmon , got one it was 16lbs, this is iht 10lb, line i oz of sinker and a herring strip , we csll this strip casting, lot of fun when you hook one , aand you dont rush it to the boat, you do have soome good speakers, thank you Ron Murray
- Ron Murray

One of your best shows. Very informative, nice to see someone that is willing to give away information without gaining financially, although he will because people will stop in to see his fly shop.
- Mark Johnston

Just adds to my eagerness to retire and check out all the beautiful places and all the beautiful fish. I deeply admire Norm's ethics about sustaining the fish population through careful catch and release practices. I also found his obvious appreciation for Snook compatible with my high regard for the fellow creatures with which we share this fragile planet. Thank you for this wonderful and enlightening broadcast.
- Mary Ann Krebs

Great show! Good advice!
- Dave Fulthorpe

Great program ; very insightful for experienced fly fishers , I thought. Very detailed and practical info
- Richard ` Roessler

Great show guys. I tied some Schminnows during the show. I would bet they will would work good on our New Jersey/New England striped bass. Norm I received your prize/book today from Stackpole thanks!. Hope to snooker your Florida snook soon. I will look you up when I am down there. Glad to hear that some people are still generous with their "trade secrets" and locations. To much time is spent on double top secret spot hide the fly that worked that day etc. I feel once you unlock the key,on some thing the how or where you win... now share it. Thanks again. Dry waders and tight lines, <"))))))>< Rick

Looking forward to the recording. Currently working some tailwaters in my area because, as you mentioned, they are still open. Thanks for your contribution to the great sport of fishing.
- John Koonsman


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