Reviews for Tenkara - The Traditional Japanese Method of Fly Fishing

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Great show!
- Gary Soucie

Great show on an interesting new and growing fly fishing technique.
- Kevin Kelleher

Great show. I had the opportunity to fish with Daniel on Boulder Creek a few weeks ago and learned a lot from him then and even more from the show!
- Joe Egry

I was hooked on Tenkara after listing to your show. I have all ready sent for a price sheet. Please keep all your good work.
- Lance Gurney

Great show and great topic. Daniel was excellent in explaining Tenkara.
- Tim D'Avis

Really enjoyed this method of fly fishing. Lots of good information,and am going to give it a try. Thanks again.
- Tom Takashima

It was quite interesting, but I doubt it will ever be a big hit here in the US. It reminds me of the European matchfishing methods with a long pole. I have been in some of the European style matches with a 42 ft long pole. It is effective but will never relpace a rod and reel here in the US.
- Robert Andrews

Great show. Enjoyed the whole interview.
- Tj Ferreira

Hello Roger, I finally got a chance to listen to the whole interview and 'WOW" Loved it! I've been fishing with my own tenkara rod and tying the kaberi for about 2 yrs. Just last night i was in a local lake catching big bluegills and some bass on my 12' Iwana. I started reading, watching, and listening to Daniel quite awhile ago. I really liked the depth of the interview and the history of sport, the explanation of the 2 types of lines, tapered and level. I make my own furled leader for all my fly fishing and absolutely love the ease and simplicity of Tenkara.
- Tim Baer


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