Reviews for The Madison – A River of Many Faces

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Great show, I have a book of notes. Kelly Galloup does have a video that is also good because you get a feel for what was being described. I think the challenge with these big rivers on a walk through is you could really just do a show on each section as there is too much to cram into the hour.
- thomas murphy

Perfect timing . . . we are planning on fishing the Madison in late August, and nothing but good information. My son and I can only get together once a year due to his profession and to have input and foresight prior to a trip, PRICELESS.
- denny todhunter

I really enjoyed this broadcast and was especially impressed by the guest's knowledge of all the stretches of this great river and what to expect at different times of the year. He has obviously studied it well and would be a very good guide. Very informative show.
- John Murphy

Great Show! I really enjoy hearing about famous destination rivers in the US. Two falls ago, my wife and I took a fall color trip to the NE. I had heard about the Housatonic River on one of your broadcasts, and booked a float trip while we were there. The Yellowstone broadcast was GREAT. Also, Thanks for the email talking about your affiliate program, and trying to generate new listeners. Once I get your "approval" I'll add your banner to my website, and see how many new listeners I can generate for you. My site only gets about 750 visits per month, but I'm sure we can generate a few new listeners.
- Larry Hull


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