Reviews for The Most Common Nymph Fishing Mistakes

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Great show. Covered a lot of territory.
- Randall Thorpe

Lots of good tips... very informative
- Frank Kohn

Very good basic basic knowledge,I have the book, which is kind of a mind numbing rehash if you fly fish on a daily to weekly to yearly basis, but listening in while doing weekly tying makes the time go by even if listening to a previously recorded show :-)
- Jason Potter

Excellent and enlighting presentation
- Andy Burnett

Excellent and e lighting presentation
- Andy Burnett

Extremely useful information and insight into this form of fly fishing. A very good program that stimulated a lot of thought into nymph fishing techniques.
- Peter Gorinsky

Great show; lots of good questions and good specifics on techniques. Do more of this type interviews !
- Richard Roessler

Great Information for the novice or advanced fly fisher. I nymph almost exclusively and practice much of what Rick recommends so I know it works. This weekend on the Gallatin River I used Rick's nymphing recommendations and it made a huge difference (4:1) compared to other anglers in the group. Thanks for the great advice...BTW I have Rick's video and books too.
- John Roeser

Very informative show,especially for begining nymphers such as myself. The information given would also help an experienced nympher to tweak their presentation. I liked the entomology lesson,stressing size over color as more important. Rick takes years of study and experience and makes it understandable for the layman. Cooincidentally, I happened across the video he made back in the 1980s at a fly shop a couple weeks ago, so I know he is qualified to speak on this subject. A very entertaing show, keep up the good work. Thanks.
- Jim Johnson

Rick is one of the top biologists today helping Fly Fishermen understand the complexities of moving and still water environments. Armed with the knowledge he shares gained from a lifetime of professional work in freshwater habitats, we grow in appreciation of the streams and lakes we spend time on. Catching more fish is a by-product adding to this increased pleasure. We can't hear too much from him and his small handful of colleagues.
- Tim Schoenfelder

I have been fly fishing for 50+ years. My first 40 were in VA's warm water lakes and ponds. My last 12 or so have been in CO where I have been frustrated understanding nymphing. I just finished listening to Hafele's recording and am excited to take his ideas to the streams this Fri-Sat. His session was one of the best I've heard. Thank you so much for choosing him as your guest. Keep up the good work.
- Lanford Pritchett


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