Reviews for Making the Right Connection Between Natural Insects and Artificial Flies

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This was a great show. Rick is from my old stopping grounds so really enjoyed listening to him. I am also very excited about winning the book. I did send a question in about eating nymphs. He use to cook up damsel nymphs or tothers for his classes. I was wondering if he still does this and which bug taste the best.
- Treg Owings

Really enjoyed the part of the show that I heard. Looking forward to listening the rest of the show on recording. Thanks of interviewing such interesting and knowledgeable guests.
- Willard Bowlin

Very informative... Cutter & Hafele are two of your best so far. Keep up the good work.
- Albert A. Gustaveson

Just wanted to let you know, I dont really listen to the live broadcast, but I always listen to you podcasts on my Iphone while I'm driving. Your shows are always very interesting and informative, and you do a very good job. Whenever possible , I patronize your advertisers to give my support. Thanks Again Pete
- Peter Cornejo

excellent program; very informative and answered a lot of relavent questions.
- Lisa James

Great Show!!--I have studied Rick's techniques since his early work, and have utilized his strategies on the river. They Work!! I am looking forward to getting his fishing information and teaching on DVD! --(Gotta get his name right though from the get-go!) --Great show Roger!!
- Michael Kelly

Good content. Thanks for doing these.
- Greg Vester

Terrific program. I know alot about aquatic insects but Rich really brought it together with fish behavior and natural history.
- mike koslosky

As usual, Rick was spot on. He breaks things down so an uneducated guy like me can make sense of it and doesn't try to impress you with latin names. Great show!
- Rick Arambula

Very articulate speaker. Enjoyable and good information. Congrats.
- Larry Hull

Great show. I appreciate your efforts~
- david mastrude

Excellent show,very informative.
- Frederic Thorner

Rick is a very wise trout fisherman and what he said about size and presentation I knew about being more important years ago. I would like to hear more shows with Rick being the guest and his opinion on lakes in depth of naturals. It would be interesting on his comments about transition zones(stream tributaries and it aquatic burrowing invertebres) because he did say there was a difference between stream insects and lake insects. I used to fish Lake Davis in northern California and it had a small tributary coming in from the northwest side of this small lake that was off limits to fishing during spawning season and had a hard time matching the hatch because we where not allowed to use a seine to collect insects in this area to compare with our imitations. Since then the DF&G poison the lake off because of northern pike show up. Lake Davis had its owns species of rainbow that grew fairly large because of its vegetation. Now I don't know if these fat trout are there anymore?
- Daniel Gonsalves

The show was great. learned alot. Presentation, shape, and size. I will be rearranging my fly box tonight! I also got a kick out of Rick's first fly fishing stream - Bennet Springs. It was mine also. Keep up the good broadcasts. If I cant listen live, I download them and listen while walking my dog.

Very informative especially from a fly tyers point of view.
- Larry Sugimoto

Great show Roger and Rick. Thanks for helping us understand the connection between what we see on the water and the flies & techniques for greater success.
- Dean Wormell

This was a great show. It makes me want to go! Thanks for the great job!
- Treg Owings

It is always a pleasure listening to fly fishing radio. Keep up the good work, and thank you.
- Erik Moncada


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