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Man, is Ralph Cutter full of useful information. Great show!
- Gary Soucie

Awesome, My wife told me about it and I listened tonight for the first time. I'm very familiar with Ralph and Lisa and have all their books. This guy knows his stuff. Thanks for the interview, it makes me want to go out and hit the water.
- Mark Barrett

Another informative show. I could listen to Ralph for hours. His comments are simple yet subtle too, but did you catch that red turns green at depth. I'm definitely fishing with blind strikes and soft bodied flies, sunken terrestrials, and more focus. May have to listen one or two more times. Great books; waiting somewhat impatiently for the trout video; although I know Ralph and Lisa will do a superb job. Thanks for opening up the underwater world to those of us who do not breath under water. Next time let's here from Lisa.
- Jeff DiGiacomo

BEST SHOW YET.Get him back for an encore. Also Andy Burk would be great.
- d mastrude

Outstanding show with lots of eye opening conversation. This is yet another reminder of why many of us pursue fly angling not to mention becoming obsessed; You never stop learning. I ordered the book "Fish Food" in Kindle format right after listening to this show.
- Alexander Story

I thought this was a great show. I am going to try some of the techniques the expert suggested. He mentioned that you should sink a grasshopper instead of using it as a dry fly. I never would have thought about that. Keep these shows coming
- Roger Parrish

Terrific...gave me a lot of new and "non-traditional" ways to present flies...especially terrestrials. Thanks to you and thanks to Ralph for sharing his underwater observations with us.

Great show- very informative-lots of new and interesting information.
- Frederic Thorner

Great show thanks for all of the great info...Its a great joy to listen to the show..Long Lines..
- Tony Cooke

As usual, Ralph Cutter offered plenty of wisdom. A very worthwhile 90 minutes! I've known about the Bird's Nest pattern ever since I started fly fishing, but had never fished or tied one. I'm tying them now.
- Gary Soucie

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from this particular episode. But that's undoubtably because I was unfamiliar with the book on the same subject. Imagine my surprise, then, when I quickly found both the interview and the subject matter to be as interesting as it was useful. Thanks again for yet another outstanding program.
- Rich Smith

Hi Roger, Great podcast by Ralph Cutter. He really knows his stuff.
- Tony Loader

Very interesting show. Interesting the number of takes from a fish versus the number of strikes that are detected by the fisherperson. Interesting hearing what the fly and presentation looks like from a fishes perspective.
- Jerry Davis

Great topic, great knowledge to share. One of the best shows!
- John Roeser

One of your best! I missed the live broadcast, but listened to it later. Very interesting insight. Practical information. Articulate speaker. Thanks.
- Larry Hull

Roger, This show reminded me the late Gary Lafontane who also snorkled his way into being one with the fishes. I have no birds nest flies in my numerous boxes. But I certainly will before I go fishing next time. Good information.
- Paul Olsen

Outstanding ! Keep up the good work.
- Lance Gurney

Gave me a whole new look at my tying, thanks for the insights.
- paul de ruiter


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