Reviews for Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park

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Great show. I live in Fort Collins and plan to fish MRNP more extensively. The show and Steve's books are invaluable resources.
- Robert Gilanyi

Hi, I always enjoy your shows but I enjoyed the March 16th broadcast even more when I heard my name announced winning the Fly Fusion Magazine subscription! Thank you! I am looking forward to being contacted by email for my contact information so I can start receiving my magazines! Thank you! Lorne
- Lorne Leong

Having fished the Big Thompson and Dream Lake last year for a day, I am anxious to get back to RMNP this year, possibly with my family for a week vacation. Steve's presentation was very helpful in learning about other fishing opportunities in the park and gave us some ideas on the best places to stay.
- Dean Wormell

Having just found your program a few days ago, I'm not that familiar with it. I will say however that after listening to this episode and the fly tying essentials episode with Charlie Craven, I will definitely be putting your next live broadcast on my schedule. I have downloaded all the podcasts and after scanning the list it would appear that I'll be spending quite a few hours catching up. Looking forward to it. Thanks...Pete
- Pete Osborne

I really enjoyed this show. My wife and I try to make a trip to RMNP every couple of years. I especially appreciated the 5 must have flys. We don't do much hiking so I enjoy fishing the Fall River and Big Thompson inside the park. I have more success outside the park than in.
- Dave Rosset

Really enjoyed this past broadcast. Steve did a great job answering my question, and I learned a ton. Thank you.
- Lane Mortensen

I enjoyed the show very much. Very helpful if you were planning a trip and wanted to know when is best to go. These interviews seem very personal. Like I am in the room with you guys! Thanks for the program Roger & Steve
- chuck campbell

Excellent show! I'd been looking for an option to the long drive to Yellowstone and I think I've found it. Thank you!
- Silas Gray

I enjoyed the show and found it informational.
- Linzy Martin

Awesome show guys. I just listened to it on my Blackberry while sitting on a creek bank. I now have something to look forward to trying out while I am working in Fort Collins in late August.
- Steve deBlois

Having fished rocky mtn,natl park once I really enjoyed the infomation to allow me to go back and try some new areas thnks
- john JOHNSON

Really enjoyed the show on fishing the Park. I've been up many times but haven't been too successful...didn't get serious enough. I plan to make an assault on it this late summer.
- rick pangell

I enjoyed the show. Steve spoke very clearly and had good information to share with the audience.
- Lorne Leong

Liked it very much, looking forward to more.
- Robert Baxter

Well... I learn a ton from your podcasts... I'm new to fly fishing. I don't have anyone to show me the way. The Internet and just out on the water is how I learn. I literally depend in your show and a few more for my education. I just started tying own flies. I listen, read and watch all the content I can. I'm crazy about it... I work in the IT industry. So I know about podcasts and any the like. There is a flood if info out there. But. Your podcasts. Are the best! Keep it up and tight lines my friends! Hook on your next podcast. P.S. Just got home from the rifle river up here in Michigan... Didn't catch shit, had a life time if fun.
- Steve Moz

I listen to all your broadcast. I work in Leatherneck, Afghanistan on a Marine base and never get to listen to them live. I listen to them when I get to my room at night. I love fly fishing and try to fish the Madison River every October with my family. Your broadcast brings a little home feeling to me in Afghanistan. I look forward to each and every one you do.
- David McClure

Another great show.
- David Watkins

Very good show !! Also...Roger always does a good job of questions and hosting...
- Joepaul Meyers


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