Reviews for Largemouth Bass and Bugs

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Very good and informative show.
- Mike Buss

Another homerun, Roger! You keep finding guests with an incredible amount of information about their topic. Mr. Morris was no exception.
- dan crothers

I have one of Skip's books on tying foam flies and It is very informative. However, during the broadcast, I didn't think his answers were always complete. He seemed almost reluctant at times. Maybe it's just his personality. Thanks for exploring the topic and I hope you can do another guest. I fish a lot in freshwater ponds for Largemouth and was excited to hear his presentation.
- John Snow

Great show that will get me going on tying bass flys again.
- Dean Wormell

I didn't listen to this show Roger because I don't fish for bass. I'm a BC trout fisher in many of the waters frequented by Brian Chan, Phil Rowley and Don Freschi. While traveling to New Jersey for Thanksgiving with family, I downloaded a multitude of podcasts from the Apple Store. Your shows are of the highest order and I enjoy them enormously. It's almost winter now and I don't see myself fishing again until January or February for Steelhead. Your shows are getting me all excited. Keep up the good work.
- Philip Burden

Excellent show-Skip Morris was very knowledgeable, and personable. The topic was more pertinent to my interest then one about fishing some exotic destination.
- Frederic Thorner

I get up at 5:30am during the week so usually hit the sack around 9pm but listened to the entire program with Skip Morris and enjoyed the it very much. I fly fish mainly warm water as I live a mile from West Point Lake in LaGrange, GA. Thanks for all the programs.
- Danny Rock

I was impressed with content quality of the speaker. I learned a lot and he answered my previously sent question.
- Bob Fujimura

Enjoyed the show!
- Jerry Kemple

I enjoyed the Skip Morris interview. I have not fly fished for trout only bass and pan fish. This was very informative to me. The sub surface information pointed out flies I would not have considered as plastic worm substitutes. Thank you for passing on the information.
- Gary Porter

Great Show! I fish mostly for bass and pan fish, and I'm always looking for insights on fishing these. I do find small bass and perch in moving rivers and streams, and fish them similar to trout.
- Kevin Beaton

Loved this show. I have been trying to fish bass lately with no luck. I will use some of these ideas. Thanks Roger and Skip.
- Jason Perez

The show was very informative. I'm a recently retired and getting into fly fishing. I'm sure I will get to use the advise at my local pond.
- John Boutin

Great show! Is there any possibility that you can get these up on i-tunes faster? I love to listen to your podcasts on the way to and from work, but I have to download the show onto my ipod. Keep up the great work! Thanks so much.
- Andy Kazama

Frankly, I thought that the information conveyed by the speaker was very generic. As far as information goes, he really did not bring any new insights to the table.
- Tyler Laurenti


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