Reviews for Kayak Fly Fishing in Baja Mexico

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I must of missed a lot of the show but Roger did bring up my question about the 6' drag chain. I will relisten to the show. Although what was said was of interest to me. I am also very close to Baja and we have a Kayak club in town and may be I will learn to use one.
- Daniel Gonsalves

Good show , well presented. I have been on three of Gary's trips ; two of the Big game trips to Baja Joe's at La Ventana and the two Island trip back in 2007. I am headed to Magdelena Bay with Gary and the Ranchero's in June and a quicky trip to La Ventana June 19. He runs a great trip. Scott
- Scott Shaw

The podcast on kayak was great,the info on all of ask about flyfishing are TOPS on the internet....please keep it going...
- Tony Cooke

I really liked this broardcast. This is one I am going to review and hopfully I will actually get to go to Baja. Thanks for the bringing great info to the masses.
- Tim Baer

I listened to the recording. Let's just say it was not one of your more informative programs. Once it was established that one sits in a Kayak and fly fishes in salt water that was that was about it.
- Pat Heun

Enjoyed the show as kayak fishing is a fast growing dynamic and I will soon be purchasing a kayak. Gary's knowledge and enthusiasm for Baja and kayak fishing was great!
- Paul

Great show and program/guests! I love the fact that I can download the podcast and listen to it on my way to work as the live 7p mst show is a tough time for me with work/family! Thanks Roger!
- Michael Silecchia

Good show. Especially liked Eric's info on Penn's Creek.
- Kemper Eagle

Thank You that was excellent. I have read several articles about kayak. Your presentatio was very good . I told my wife about it and now she wants to listen to it and said it would be fun to trailer to the Baja and try it . I felt that Gary did a very good job of explaining the process. I am one of those guys who like to do it "myself" . It has inspired me just like the Mayaguna article you did a while ago. We went there and my better half spotted for me an I catch some bloody big Bones. Now we want to try the kajaks in the Baja. It was excellent . Some how I have to be less busy on show nights but the pod casts allow me to drive through the mountains to Banff and dream! Thanks for the thoughts and inspirations!!! I fish daily on the St. Marys river in south eastern B.C.when it open where we live on it banks and love to dream about water water adventures. I am sure we will go to the Baja soon!
- Douglas J. Martin

I stumbled across your show on i-tunes a little bit ago, and have enjoyed listening ever since.
- Chrostopher Low


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