Reviews for Freshwater Stripers on the Fly

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Great show. I am lucky to know Bill and am scheduled to fish with him next spring. I fished the lakes and rivers in Oklahoma and Arkansas last spring and had a great time. I've sent this web site to all of my fly flinging friends. There's something here for everyone. I really enjoyed listening to the Dave Whitlock show.
- Horace Crawford

The interview was both entertaining and informative. I learned alot about Striper fishing. most of all the type of flies to use and the depth to go after them.
- Roy Griffith

Awesome content and show, My first time. I think this is a really cool site and tool for us flyfishers.
- David Dietzel

Bill did an wxcellent job describing the fishery and clarified many sketchy tactics that fishermen face when pursuing freshwater stripers. On a 1-10 I thought he did a 9+.........I am also slightly biased as he plugged my guide service on Lake Lanier as well as my Umpqua flies.....Nice show!!!!
- Henry Cowen

Thanks for another information filled show. Though I have never fished for Stripers it is on my wish list to do.
- Grant Dixon

Liked the show. I'll be continuing to "tune in". I passed this along to many striped bass fly flinging friends. Bill is very knowledgeable. I'm looking forward to fishing with him next spring.
- Horace Crawford

I thought the show was great. I have listened to almost all of your podcasts and I like the fact that you allow enough time to go into a lot of detail.
- Randy Black

Good Show. Enjoyed it.
- Gregory Horsfield

Liked the show! Thanks for the info. It will let me add a new type/style of fishing to my list. Can't wait to go after 'em! }><)))*>
- Dave George

I thought it was great I enjoyed it very much. I chase stripers and whites and enjoying learning all I can . If I know Mr. butts is going to be on will do my best to be where I can learn more. thanks
- Bill Badley

I love'd it! More! I'd like to hear an equal amount of interviews and information from women guides like Beryl Rea in Bishop, Ca or Pudge in Alaska, Hanna Belford in BC.
- Ariel Levin

Great show, I passed your internet site to the members of the Redding Calif. fly fishing club. We have stripers here on the Sacramento River.
- Cole Walt

A most informative program. I met Harry about a year ago, dropped into his shop one day and we struck up a conversation. I was most taken with how freely he offered to share his knowledge of the area streams, tacticts and flies.
- Fred Laird


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