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It was a great program. I would like to hear more of his stories. He was very humorous and he was great explaining his patterns. I believe I will build some for my tackle box. I look forward to relistening to his comments from your archive.
- Roy Moyer

Mr. Shneck is a wonderful gentleman. This was a nice presentation. I enjoy your show and the information and viewpoints discussed and presented.
- Michael Knag

Listening to Ed, one of the old masters, was spellbinding. The show was very very enjoyable. I'm glad that I just finished tying up a dozen ants. Can't wait to get to the river and put into pratice what I learned from Ed. It doesn't get any better than learning from a fly fisher with his experience.
- Jimmie Jones

Ed is another great wealth of knowledge!!!
- Richard Szlachta

A wonderful show, Roger. Ed is an absolutely delightful man who really knows his fishing, and doesn't over-think so much, as alot of anglers might. I met his friend Joe Humphreys once and have always been impressed by those Pennsylvanian Fishermen. Ed gave us a new attitude toward fishing terrestrials and I am excited about trying out some of his ideas, especially his cricket pattern and use of it. Thanks again for being the absolutely best Podcast on the Internet, bar none.
- Mark Mathews

Cool tip on how to fish I will see if can try them out, thanks.
- Forrest Woodard

I really enjoyed last weeks show, especially the stories. I think between Joe Humphries & Ed Shenk you could fill two shows with just stories!!
- Jeffrey Biller

Very informative. It's great hearing someone knowledgeable share their experience. I'm ready to go throw some hoppers in a river ASAP.
- Chris Kleinfelter

I was not able to listen live but will get it on your web site. The reason I am writting is to say a few words about Ed. He would not remember me but he is a guy I will never forget. I talked to Ed a few times back in the 70's on the Letort. He was without a doubt the best on that very tough stream. He could fool the trout and it was a pleasure watching a master at work. I watched some pretty good fisherman there, but none had the touch like Ed. He was able to put his fly in places that I could never think of fishing. This was with a fly rod with very tall weeds behind him. I hope he continues to fish. What a kind guy to help a young fisherman like myself. Good luck to you Ed and catch one for me.
- Tom Lyons

Enjoyed Shenk's comments on the use of terrestrials. Good show!
- Brad Grossenburg

I was excited to hear Mr. Shenk was going to be on your internet radio show. The fact that he lives near my former home made it more special. I've been in Florida for 20 years and I recently started tying foam terrestrials aimed at Bass and panfish, primarily learning from the Steeves and Morris books. I found Mr. Shenk's opinions about foam versus traditional materials interesting and informative. I enjoy your show and thank you very much for letting us listen to a great fisherman.
- John Snow

I enjoyed listening to Ed Shenk discuss Fly Fishing with terrestrials. It was good to hear his views on patterns and materials. I prefer natural materials over foam myself. Keep up the good work guys.
- Andrea Scott

It inspired me to fish with terrestials in all but the coldest months. It was a good show.
- Dave Capone

I listened to the 'replay' on my computer, as on Wed. I was fishing Vermont's Battenkill and Mettowee. The show was one of the better interviews for me. I met Ed in Carlisle at the COLD SPRING ANGLER shop & was able to buy his book and have it autographed on the spot. Anecdotal stories were a big plus. Bring him back sometime, please.
- Bob Nunn

It's always good to listen to the wisdom of an ole timer. You just can't beat their experience and knowledge.
- Ralph Barr

I think it was a very informative show. I have met Ed Shenk several times and have both his book and his video and a fly tied by him he is always a pleasure to listen to
- Henry Hager

Great show. Neat to hear all of the history of flyfishing in PA with legends like Joe Humphreys and like Ed Shenk is himself. I know now that his favorite fly is a size #14 Letort Cricket; and that a good flyfisher can still catch fish using only a one fly rig. Thanks Ed for such an enjoyable evening!
- John Wenzlick

Enjoyed very much. I have used some crickets a few weeks ago in MO for smallmouth and worked great. Very informative show and great stories and suggestions.
- Bruce Davidsmeyer

Thank you for having Mr. Shemk on your program. I enjoyed his understanding of terrestrials and ability to describe answers for my questions. Thank you also for allowing listeners to the opportunity to hear previous programs.
- Bob Fink

Hi- The show with Ed reminded me to ask whether you coudl get Joe Humphreys on to do a show at some point? I was able to meet Joe at one of the Denver fly fishing shows - had a great conversation with him, and I think he would make a great guest.
- David Bohn

I listened to the recorded version so I had time to rewind and pick up missing points. Overall, I was disappointed with Mr. Shenk. This is a gentlemen obviously full of experience and fly fishing information, yet he seemed to hold back. He often talked of past articles he had written and an upcoming article. I felt he was keeping us listeners away from the information, and wanted us to buy whatever magazine. Would have liked to hear him talk more about presentation and stalking the fish. Even when those questions were asked, he went down a different trail. I still love your is by far the best on the internet, Keep up the good work.
- Bart Tate

I enjoyed Ed's discussion. He answered my question and gave us a really good tip as well. I have Ed's Video "Master of the Letort" and enjoy his candor very much. He was a very good guest. I enjoy the old time perspective. I would suggest Joe Humphreys as a future guest.
- Chuck Campbell


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