Reviews for Fly Fishing the Upper Delaware River

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Great show as always.
- Phil Pankow

Good Show! I had no idea the hatches were that good there.
- Frank Wood

Great show Roger. I'm a Delaware system fisher. I'm glad to see you're getting some east coast rivers on the show. Huge fan, have listened to just about all episodes, first time I lisened live. Keep up the good work. By far the most consistant fly fishing show on web or podcast.
- Jim Smith

Great show! Paul is a great guy. I have been trying to float the Delaware for 2 years but the water has been too low.
- John Bass

I have fshed the system for over 20 years. Lived in NYC. He was right on with the information. Got me fired up to come back to fish it some more.
- John-Paul Schrader

Excellent show Paul Weamer knows his stuff and is able to articulate it in a upbeat way. I learned a lot.
- Clifford Chu

Good info but I am kind of on a fixed income so I won't make it up there for a while. Always enjoy your shows.
- Gary Batchelor

Very interesting. Grreat format. Wish we had programn on the main rivers here in GA. Thanks
- David H. Shull, Jr.

Good show! Covered a lot of questions.
- Greg Bennett

Excellent show ! Many great details on the fabulous fishery that is the Delaware !
- Drew Busse

Have not done any fishing of any type in the northeastern portion of the US or Canada but always find these shows interesting and possibly as background information on future trips.
- Barry Coddens

Most excellent program. I enjoy listening on delay Sunday afternoons. Not home in time Wednesday nights. Keep up the good work.
- Neil Brown

I enjoyed the broadcast and Paul's info is 100 % accurate, You don't land large numbers of fish but the ones you do land are smart and wild.
- Daniel Trela

I thought the show was very good. I have the opportunity to fish the Upper Delaware fairly often and truly enjoy it! I also am planning on a trip to Central PA to fish Penn s Creek -- and was very interested to learn that Paul Weamer is living in that area now -- I will certainly look him up! Any other programming involving NY State and Central PA would be of great interest to me.
- Bob Lannon

Hi, We are 5 good friends from Scotland coming to Roscoe to fish the Delaware and Beaver kill rivers in mid june 2010. The show with Paul Weamer has been invaluable in helping us plan our trip. Many many thanks.
- Mervyn Jones


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