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Great show, lots of material and the piece about slower than current was enough to make the show for me. I finally caught my first fish on a nymph this year and have been absorbing all I can to get better at this.
- Thomas Murphy

Good show; Jasper did give great tips, but could have covered eastern tailwaters more thorougly.
- Kemper Eagle

As always, good stuff. Tons of great info, keep em coming
- Randy Skidgel

Really enjoyed the show tonight with Aaron, Roger. Aaron consistently catches large fish and knows how to break down the techniques to help fellow anglers. His insights on tailwaters, fishing pressured waters and climate change are refreshing.
- Dean Wormell

GOOD Show!! Informative & enjoyable.
- Joepaul Meyers

Roger, Another good show. Really enjoyed listening to the broadcast and I took several pieces of info that I will try on my next trip to the San Juan. It will be interesting to see if setting up the weights in such a way that will slow the indicator in relationship to the flow of the water is counter to what I've always done, it will be interesting to see if it works on the San Juan. I also like to hear his take on fishing terrestrials back East.
- Rick Takahashi

Awesome show!!! Very helpful I grew up on the South Holston that he was talking about. Now I live about 30 minutes away but there is another great tail water here as well the Wataga River! Great tail waters here in East Tennessee!!!
- Robert Clifton

Excellent show, one of your best. You can really tell that Aaron knows his stuff! If you can see that you have many questions for the guest speaker, you may try to get to them earlier in the program to get them answered. Thanks for great show.
- John Rieder

Topic was very general. Would have liked to hear more details on presentation and patterns. This was my first show and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to more shows and past ones.
- Mark Bailey

Aaron Jasper did an excellant job during the interview. The show could have been another 15min. longer.
- walt cole

Very good show with Aaron. But then again, they all are. I was especially interested in his tip on the speed of the indicator as it pertains to the surface speed. It makes sense. How many times have we heard from your guests that the surface speed is faster than the bottom, runoff doesn't effect the fish that much. The bottom speed remains largely unchanged. All this got me thinking about Aaron's latest DVD project and how "Mastering the Dead Drift" would make a marvelous show. Keep up the great shows. I look forward to and enjoy every one.
- Brian Hubbard

Very much enjoyed Aaron's insights into tail water fishing. As a frequent flogger of Colorado tail waters chasing big trout, I need all the help I can get!
- Chip Reinhard

This was the best interview I have heard from all I have listened to. Very detailed, informative suggestions that have worked for him in tough situations. I listened to it multiple times because it was so good ! A very good show for experienced fly fishers.
- richard roessler

Rich is always overly generous with his time and expertise and passion for fly fishing. Anyone who meets him or listens will be better for it. Thanks Rich as always.
- Kevin Baughman


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