Reviews for Fly Fishing the Driftless Area of the Midwest

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Great show as always. I love the Driftless Area and I incourage all to give it a try. Also there is a great map book through the DNR that gives all the fishable streams in Southeast Minnesota.
- Phil Pankow

Great and not just because I won the gift certificate! It's terrific to hear about local topics and areas. I'm a big fan of the show and have downloaded many podcasts over the past few months.
- Jim Rich

Steve Born was a great guest on your show. He is definitely very knowledgeable about fishing the driftless area. I also appreciate his dedication to conservation. Thanks for the great show you put out every week.
- Rich Femling

This was interesting and informative, especially since I sometimes fish Spring Branch Creek near Manchester, Iowa. Steve seemed friendly and personable.
- Gary Nelson

Having just moved to the midwest last fall as well as discovering the driftless area a few months ago, I was very interested in the show. I enjoyed it and took some good notes. thanks.
- Tim mangrum

Particularly enjoyed this show as it in my neck og the woods. I fish the White Water, the Root and The Vermillion.
- Neil Brown

I really enjoyed listening to Steve describe his "home waters". This was a great show, which conveyed a nice mix of Steve's conservation work and his love and knowlege of the trout fishery in the Driftless Area of the Midwest.
- Frank Dalziel

Steve was very knowledgeable, extremely articulate and kept the show moving at a quick pace. I think this was the best show of the season, so far.
- Bob Woutila

Great show! Good to hear a little science and conservation mixed in with "how to" information. More informative than in terms of what is really important about trout fishing. Steve Born seemed like a very bright and knowledgeable guy. Nice to know he gives back to the resource by participating in a leadership capacity in organizations like TU. He sounds like the type of guy I'd like to go fishing with!
- William Sonzogni

I listened to the recorded show. That was a great show about an area I knew very little about. He was a terrific interview.
- Jon Wright

This show was very educational, since I live only a state over. I learned alot about hatches in Wisconsin and compaired them to our very similar hatches here in Northern Michigan. Very good broadcast.
- Matthew Manchik


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