Reviews for Fly Fishing Arkansas' White River

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I enjoyed hearing Davy tonight. Great answers to the questions. This was a very thorough discussion, I appreciate the scope of the discussion. Say Hi to Davy for me.
- Herbert Kettler

Very informative and entertaining.
- Roy G

Great, great show. Looking forward to listening again on the podcast
- David Simmons

Enoyed it and found it informative and learned a lot of different things to keep in mind when fishing the White River.
- Ralph James

Great show. I learned a lot. He was very informative.
- Ted Christie

Great interview. Davy was easy to listen to, and very informative. Nice job.
- Larry Hull

Love the Shows, Keep up the good Work! Can't listen to them Live But I like to download them and listen to them at work!

Really enjoyed this show. Learned a lot. Especially liked the info regarding sinking lines.
- Mike Metzler

I thought the show was very good . I had a chance to fish the White River abou 3 years ago. I wish I could have heard Davy before I made the trip. We had a good trip but Davy gave some very good information that we could have used to make it better. I am about ready to go back after hearing the show. Thanks.
- Bill Wilson

Great show as always and learned a lot from Davy as normal. Can't wait to get down to the White River next month and chase my own big browns.
- Martin Kollman

Good Morning, I have yet been able to catch a live broadcast due to personal schedule conflicts at broadcast time. The shows are most enjoyable, but for me the locations are too far a-way and as inaccessible as Bali Hi. I especially enjoyed the White River talk as I've fished flood control rivers in the past and have enjoyed the fishing and been terrorized by unexpected and quickly rising waters. I'm retired; and for beer and pretzel money plus to keep me off the streets and out of trouble - I'm a weekend warrior (sales associate/crumudgon) for Savannah's Bass Pro, White River Fly Shop. Until this program, when a customer asks about the " Whit River" the best I could do is point out the river on a map, and give them the website for the Arkansas Fish & Game commission. I'll replay the White River broadcast many times to add much appreciated important information to my note book. I [can't/don't] get out and about as much as I'd like and have come to rely on your internet radio programs for knowledge, understanding and oh-by-the ways that make the difference. Thanks!
- Thomas Murray III

Good Questions, Fly's that work Good comments on various conditions on the river.
- Fred Hodge

Great show the other night as I learned a lot about fishing the White River. Looking forward tou your next show!
- Camilo Santana

As usual, Roger does a good job of getting the info to the listeners. Davy is "always" interesting, his methods different...but always good information.
- Joepaul Meyers,C.J.F.

Show was great! I have had the pleasure of fishing the White River system a couple of times and definitely will use Mr. Wotton services next time I am there. His knowledge and insight are extremely valuable and can't wait to learn more from him. His White River DVD is on my "wish list"!
- Mike Caruso

Very informative. He will be the MSFF guest speaker at our Nov meeting. I look forward to meeting him.
- Frank Adams

I listened to the show and found it very interesting. I love to fly fish, and starting to get my 15 year old interested in it. Show is very helpful in many ways. Thank you.
- Robert Miller

I love the show, I'm listening right now and had a request for a show. I don't know how hard it would be to get A.K. Best or John Gierach. I think many people would really enjoy hearing either one of these living legends. Thanks for the great shows.
- Kyle Ballard

Great show again. I tie flies while listening. Man, I'm ready to go fishing now.Thanks.
- Rick Coffman

Great White River Show

Davy really hit all the high points and good information on fishing the White River. One of my favorite spots to catch trout all year long.
- Martin Kollman


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