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Great show. Nice to hear something about fly fishing for bass. Something about fishing for bluegills would be something I would be interested as well.
- Mark Seymour

Great Show. Thanks for the topic. I like fishing smallies in Northern Wisconsin.
- Rick Fahrenkrug

Well Randy, I'm not much of a bass fisherman, but you converted me a little bit over tonight. I plan to fish for all kinds of fish on a fly rod and bass will be no exception. I always enjoy the show and find them to be very informative.
- Phil Pankow

Very good show. I have not been able to listen as frequently as I would like to. Have you done a show concerning environmental issues such as spreading Diddymo (rock snot) and other invasive species?
- Thomas Marks

I just found this sight last week and I love it. Last night I got to listen to some of the interview with Randy Ratliff and I was very impressed at every thing I heard. Though listening to that interview and others it is very evident that these people love and want to further our sport. I have been fly fishing for about 20 years, on and off, however a new career 3 years ago has really freeded up my time. I've been hunting and fishing more and more, and it's great to have a site like this to help and educate. Thanks and keep up the great work.
- Tim Baer

The Best out there Keep up the Great Fly Fishing Show!
- Philip Koban

Loved the podcast option. I was busy Wednesday night, but throughly enjoyed the show on my Ipod while driving on Saturday afternoon. I love chasing smallmouth too. Thanks for another great show.
- Danny Schieffler

Great show. Fishing for bass with a fly rod is what I enjoy the most. I liked hearing about fly choices. I would have liked to see a couple fly recipeies listed on the website. Maybe this is a possibility for up comming shows. I look forward to the show, great way to pass the winter.
- Mark Seymour

This was the first show I attempted to listen to. My major interest is in Small mouth and pan fishing. Also would love to hear a show on Northern Pike fishing. However I am sad to say I turned off the program early on. #1 it was to hard to hear the presenter, I could not turn up the volume. #2 You were spending too much time on what a small mouth was and mundane things that I felt would be known by your average fisherman. I think that the show would have better served adressing tackle choice, lure choice, presentations, time of day , structure ETC. Sorry that you lost me on the first time. Will stay tuned though.
- Tom Hower

Good show, however, the pace of the show is a little slow. Its sometime shard to set through the entire show. Overall very good!
- James McCartney

Wonderful show, as always. For a warmwater fisherman, Randy was excellent, and extremely knowledgeable!! :-) I liked the connections Randy made to coldwater fisheries. It got me interested in pursuiing smallies.
- Mark Mathews

I missed the live show but finally got some time to listen to the show. Really enjoyed Randy. He was easy to listen to, and made some good sensible suggestions that I will try next time I go fishing for smallmouth bass. I always enjoy hearing about fly patterns and tackle and your show and guests always seems to deliver; Randy was no different. I try lots of things that I learn from people who fish in other parts of North America - seems there is always something new or different to try and I think incorporating things from elsewhere helps to make me a better fisherman. Love the show. Keep up the good work.
- Frank Dalziel

Thanks for the informative presentation on smallmouth bass. I enjoiyed it and listened to it multiple times on the rebroadcast so I would not miss any detail. I need to try some of the patterns that Randy had described but it is hard to picture them with just a description. The ladybug was clear enough, but I am lost with the wiggler pattern. Maybe I need to lesten a few more times. Thanks for the great format.
- Tom Zmina

I seem to be behind in shows, however Randy' show was great and very informative since I want to try for small mouth on Lake Erie this spring. Keep these shows coming they are wonderful. Frank
- Frank Compton


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