Reviews for Fly Fishing for Shad on the Rappahannock River

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Great Show...I listen to shows that are not of significant interest to my love of trout fishing and always learn a lot. I especially like Jason and Gary Borger...
- Chris Linck

I enjoy the program and listening to your experts about their specialties in fishing, this area is one that I don't intend to fish because I live in Michigan and have an abundace of places I have yet to see and fish and my chilren live in Montana and their are so many points between here and there to fish that I dont' have enough years left in me to see them all.
- Robert Carter

Good Show. I hope some of the Rappahannock-specific techniques will be helpful on the Delaware this season. I've never fished for shad before, so for a tyro, the program was extra-valuable.
- Clifford Chu

Thanks for the show. I thought it was very informative. I was scheduled to give a talk on the same subject the next day to our fly fishing club (Virginia Coastal Anglers), and it gave me a lot of great new material to use along with re-enforcing the stuff I had already researched. Looking forward to fishing the Rappahannock River for shad next month. I should have improved catches after listening to the program. Thanks again and tight lines.
- Mike Buss

Thanks Roger, intrresting and informative... Thank you for you effort in putting together such a profesional pod cast.
- Mike McKeown

I'm an avid fly fisherman but primarily focused on trout. March is still too early for most of the smaller streams in the mid-atlantic. What a surpirse it was to learn my local waters are full of shad this time of year! Instead of heading north to PA limestone streams, I'm now getting geared up for the Rappahanock! Very informative....Beau is as much a professor as he is a tease! Looking forward to seeing you in Waynesboro in a few weeks as well. That's been on my calendar for some time now.
- Steve Duvall

Just a note to the South African person who asked whether South African shad were the same. They are not. The fish is Pomatomus saltatrix. South Africans, particularly on the KwaZulu-Natal coast (where I grew up and caught plenty), call them shad. In other areas of South Africa they are called elf. In Australia they are called taylor and in USA they are called bluefish.
- Charles Manning


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