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Great show! Everyone - amateur to expert - could learn from this instructive 90 minutes! A must listen...
- Jerry Stemach

Great show lots of good info. Good media coverage.
- earl schenberg

Excellent, upbeat guest with good basic approaches and with emphasis on reasonable expectations about "catching".
- Bob Nunn

I have been toying with the idea to heading up to NY to fish for steelhead, this just added fuel to the fire. Great show!
- Bob Lewis

My husband and I are newbies to this site. We really enjoyed listening as we tied flies. Ralph has 40 years experience fly fishing, and identified with Dec on some of the rivers mentioned. We look forward to the next show and await shows especially about trout.
- Ralph & Susan Krohse

Dec Hogan was a great guest. Received his book, A Passion for Steelhead for Christmas, and just finished ordering his fly tying DVD. I am trying to master spey casting and steelheading on Ontario Great Lakes rivers all at the same time. A tall order as I figure it!! Keep up the great shows.
- Robert James

Dec is a very captivating speaker, another great show that ended way too soon ..
- Neil Nishimura

Great show - going to Oregon Monday for steelies - very helpful.
- Don Lee

I just have to tell you how much I am enjoying your shows. Since I received my IPOD for Christmas I listen to your shows from your archive section to and from work which is a three hour round trip drive. This makes the drive a lot more enjoyable and less stressful. Hey next best thing to fishing is talking/listening about fishing. Thanks again.
- Bob Lewis

Just started to listen to your podcast,I have been listening to other podcast for sometime now. As a ardent fly fisher and avid steelheader I found the information to be sound and a good foundation for someone just getting into steelheading. I've listened to several archived episodes and found the interviews to be excellent,the Tom Whiting interview was top notch. Thanks,and keep up the good work.
- Jim Hampton

I loved the show! I have Dec's book, so the show was a refreshing perspective on Dec's personality. If he was still guiding, I'd definately seek him out!
- Derek McLauchlan

I have been working my way through you iPod casts. I have already communicated my appreciation to Jason Broger. I fish in Ohio, lakes and small creeks. Trout are nice, but most of us do not have access to them. The features on other species (carp, pike and smallmouth) are appreciated.
- Jim Nicholson

I have listened to several of your recorded shows and I think they are all great. I've learned a lot and try to take notes. Thanks for making these shows available.
- Dennis Jones

I listened to the show, and since then I have listened to and saved several others to my ipod. I am thirty-nine years old and although I have been fishing since I was a boy, I only began casting flies seriously in my late twenties. Thankfully it is only one part of understanding the sport, another set of variations on a theme. Your guests make this point over and over again by basing their advice on knowledge of fish habitat and behaviour, their personal experience and love of nature. Unlike most of us, however, they are on the river all the time hunting for trout and we benefit from their observations and reseach. My relationship with the fish and my approach is different. I guess I "hunt" gently because it helps me to relax. They are all trophies because they provide me with glimpses of the different stages of life beneath the surface, and with every one caught and held temporarily my reverence for them increases. I have enjoyed all of the shows so far and I look forward to tuning in again. Keep up the great work.
- Alan Zucchetti

Great show guys. I havent gone stelheading yet, but the show gave great information. I have the show as podcast,so i can listen again.
- Harry Urban

Yet another awesome show, Roger. Dec not only has a deep understanding of the critters he fishes for, but an even stronger respect for their habitat. Thanks again, for your wonderful show. I want to go steelhead fishing soon!!!!
- Mark Mathews

I really enjoyed this informative show on Steelhead fishing. Although I only fish for Steelhead in the Great Lake tributaries, what I learned from Dec can and will be applied to fishing in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Thank you for such a great show!
- Andrea Scott

I really enjoyed the show. I went Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in NY with a couple of guides. It was a blast!
- Judy Wilson

As a beginning Steelhead fisherman, it was nice to hear how tactics are consistent across the country.
- Dan Corbett

Great show, introduced me to a form of fly fishing I've known nothing about. tell your advertisers I'll be looking for a steelhead trip sometime in the future.
- Gerard Tomasso

Excellent show. I have all of Dec's books so it was nice to hear a live interview. Will definately influence the way I approach a river and fish for steelhead. Thanks.
- Frank Dalziel


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