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Another fantastic show! It gave me a really bad case of wanderlust. I thought it was tough just covering the water in Maine. Now I have the whole world to consider. Great show and very informative.
- Steve Mogul

Excellent Lani is excellent. I learned a will start saving up for a trip with him.
- Silas Gray

Mr. Waller gave a great presentation anyone could benefit from. He is definitely a gentleman as well as an avid sportsman. I appreciated his ability to convey his thoughts on the subject.
- Michael Knag

Awesome podcast, Roger!!! What a great, humble and fascinating guest Lani was. Fellow listeners, if they didn't know it, were listening to a legend in the realm of Steelhead fly fishing. I kind of feel embarassed that I won the book, but I will certainly be proud to own and read it. Keep up the great work providing hours of pleasure and education in our beloved sport.
- Bill Butts

Great show, great subject, great guest, great job by the moderator. Very insightful questions and answers. Waller is a treasure trove of knowledge. Too bad I bought a 14' 10wt from Orvis before I heard him say that 13' is just about the upper limit of his recommendation. Great job, and thanks a lot.
- Josh Wainwright

Great show. As usual, never enough time. Mr. Waller covered enough that met the needs of both beginners and mediocres (like myself). Would love to hear more on technique(s).
- Gil Hassen

This was one of the most enjoyable information packed broadcasts that I have heard in a while. Steelhead fishing was something totally foreign to me, but leaning towards being bit by the bug and ready to head north. Thanks for a great show and all the great tips!
- Martin Kollman

Great show - lots of good infomation from one of the greats. Any chance of another show with Chico Fernandez or a show with either Stu Apte or Flip Pallot?
- Angelo Lamonica

I liked the Steelhead show..Lani knows his style and was surprised he mentioned Michigan, nobody ever mentions Michigan.regarding Trout/Salmon on your shows. I've fished Nebraska, Wyoming,Colorado,Montana,Idaho,California, and it's nice with the mountains, but if you want serious fish you do Michigan.Little cutthroats are not fun.Offset hooks are old news here, but a good tip.Nobody uses 14ft rods cause there's no room on the better spots,I've used them in Scotland,but not on the AuSable. I always like your shows....
- Rob Edwards

Very Good! Straight forward simple advice. I like that!!
- Rick Barbato

A very good show and I especially found it interesting about Lani using a bait hook for his flies vs. using standard tying hooks. Informative about how to fish for steelhead and even about steelhead's life cycle too. I really enjoyed it.
- Brian Larrington

I thought the show was fantastic, I learned a ton, but what weight catagory rod for a beginer speycaster to purchase. It was something you asked a couple of times but somehow the question eluded Mr. Waller. I heard length of the rod 13 1/2 feet. What weight catagory? A all around Weight Class? Again the show was full of great info. Thanks to Mr. Waller
- Woody Linihan

Great show! I especially like programs that feature practical tips - I'm not into exotic destination fly fishing but steelheading with Lani Waller's insights was perfect.
- Tim Cavileer

Great show!!! Glad to see a show on fly tying. Let's do some more on this topic.
- Bill Richert

This was the 1st show I listened to.. and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully I will be able to listen to your future calls. Thanks Charlie for taking the time.. and I have already bookmarked his site. It has a lot of good pictures and how to tie flies. but I do not see how to shop and order materials from the site.. it looks like you have to send a form in of what you want.. but I would need to know what is available and more details to be able to order.
- Tony Rackie


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