Reviews for Fall Stillwater Tactics

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I absolutely love to listen to Brian. He always provides evidence based advise and is extremely knowledgeable.
- David Suver

Brian Chan is the most knowledgeable and articulate stillwater fly fishing teacher in the world. As a professional fisheries biologist and an obsessed flyfisher, he is able to combine scientific knowledge with many years of practical experience. He is comfortable in his knowledge and generous in the sharing of it.
- Jack Simpson

Hello Brian, I missed your show,"Fall Stillwater Tactics" so I'm waiting for the recording to become available. I've been reading about you for some time now and 1st learned of you on utube. I live in Clark Fork, Idaho on Lake Pend O'reille and have been trying to learn to catch the Kamloops Trout here on my fly rod. Only have just started trying some of your tactics so I'm looking forward anxiously to catching the recording. I was wondering if you're familiar with Lake Pend O'reille. It's the 5th deepest lake in the U.S.
- Mark Naglreiter

As always, Brian does a great interview. Thanks for having him.
- Walt Cole

Brian Chan was terrific! He always makes catching fish possible with his comprehensive knowledge and his explanation of different techniques. I heard Roger say he learned new ideas from Brian's talk. You cannot listen to Brian without learning something new. Every time!! Thank you for having him on your show.
- Vicki Green

I was quite impressed with the show. My question to Brian was answered. Brian has the most knowledge ,when it comes to flyfishing in stillwaters for trout. He is also,responsible for getting larger fish tripoloids. I hope to get the time to listen to other presenters.
- brian rousch

Excellent show! Brian is a wealth of information. I've read all his books and seen all his videos but I learn something new in every show you've had him on. Keep him coming!
- Tim Schoenfelder

I enjoyed the show, bunch of materials to understand what is going on in a stillwater. Lastly, will you contact me with my winning a membership in Federation of Fly Fishing at end of show.??
- Peter Gulash

Brian is a phenomenal teacher. Very comfortable with his extensive knowledge. MOST of your audience is probably stream fishing oriented, but as a stillwater guy, I appreciate this type of program.
- Jack Simpson

Great show! Always good to hear some fishing advice from Mr. Brian Chan. Thanks to AAFF for arranging to have him on your lineup.
- Dennis Jones

Any time you get Brian to put on a show - do so. He's if not the best, one of the best anglers in Canada. I enjoyed the show and my question was featured.
- Don Andersen

Thanks for putting on a great show. Brian Chan is a wealth of information and always makes you feel like trying something new on the water with confidence. Keep up the good work Roger & can't wait to hear your next program.
- Corey Lafreniere

You folks have a wonderful program, and it is so nice to listen to Brian Chan for his expertise of fishing knowledge. Wish I had time to listen to all of the knowledgeable guests that you have on your show. I live in British Columbia, and now that I just retired, hopefully can get out to enjoy some fly fishing time in.
- Tom Takashima


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