Reviews for Roosters in the Surf

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It was a great show. It makes me want to learn more about the species and the area.
- Phil Pankow

Great show, thanks Roger...Learned lots...
- Mike McKeown

Great Show - very informative, interesting guest. Roger, you are really doing a good job of showcasing your guests these days!
- Eric Halloran

I enjoyed the program and am looking forward to going for Roosters in the surf in the near future. Keep up the good broadcasts!
- John Dailey

An outstanding follow-up show on fishing for roosterfish in the surf. This is a subject and an area that is of great interest to me since I really enjoy walk-wade fishing. Thanks to Mike and to Roger for hosting another great show.
- Frank Dalziel

The show as usual was terrific. I have fished for Wipers in South Carolina and Georgia. I have found them to be extrordinary hard fighting fish and love to fish for them. It was great that you offered a show on a fish that many people just don't know what they are, me included the first time I caught one. Really enjoyed Matt and your interviewing skills. Thanks
- scott callahan

Last night I was at work (I'm a firefighter) and I regret that I did not hear the entire show. However, what I did hear was very good. Thank you for the show.
- Tim Baer

Really enjoyed the show. I went out and bought a fly rod and reel. Now I'm ready to take on a rooster in the surf! Cheers.
- Frank Dalziel

I listen to your show religiously and have found good value in just about every show. But this show I have listened to until I can recite every word. Great interview. Good info. Thanks!
- Don

Both of Mike Reiser's shows were very informative. Would like to hear more shows on LMB, Stripers and especially saltwater fishing in California which has really taken off. See the Calico Syndicate(Vaughn Podmore, etc) and Al Quattrochi surf fishing. I also fish the flats of Hawaii for large bonefish which is growing too. You might interview the owners of Nervous Waters Fly Shop as they have it dialed in. How about a western states LMB/Striper with Jay Murakoshi, etc. Keep up the good work.
- Roy Fukushima


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