Reviews for Trout Hunting Colorado's Four Seasons

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Another great show with Landon Mayer. His knowledge of all things fly fishing never ceases to amaze me.
- Brian Furderer

Excellent show, never miss it.
- Eddie O'Neill

Landon Mayer was an excellent guest. His insights on discussing the waters in Colorado were very thorough. I am sure he will be a welcome guest in the future--maybe more detail on one or two particular rivers.
- Denny Johnson

Great show, very useful information...I'll listen to more. Keep up the great work. I regularly listen to the podcasts, because I travel and fish a lot, this was my first online show. thanks again!
- ed golden

Excellent show - Landon did the best job I have heard of organizing his thoughts and narrative. Well Done Mr. Mayer
- Peter Guhl

It was a very interesting and informative description of the fishing.Trout Hunting Colorado's Four Seasons. I was impressed by his comments on studying the water first and the insect life on the water before fishing, yes it was a very good program thank you,
- John Richmond

As always Landon is a great ambassador for our sport. I enjoyed his take on Colorado fishing. I've already ordered his new book. Thanks
- Michael Aldridge

Great show, always a pleasure to listen to Landon. Due to scheduling, I cannot always listen live but enjoy it a few days later. Thanks for your broadcasts.
- Justin Hood


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