Reviews for Sight Fishing for Trout

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The show was great. I was able to learn alot about sight fishing for trout and I can't wait to apply that knowledge in my local streams.
- Sam Thomas

This was a great show with a logical presentation of information on sight fishing for trout. Landon is a great speaker with excellent teaching skills.
- Rick Smith

Landon gave detailed and respectful answers to the many questions on this show.
- Kemper Eagle

One of the most articulate speakers you've had. Excellent clear information. I'm looking forward to reading his book. If you ever have a contest to win a day with him, I'm fixing the win.
- Ariel levin

Landon is a wizard when it comes to stealth and sight fishing. I learned much more than I knew before the show. What I wanted to ask him is about the clothing that anglers and guides should where. I was watching a ESPN outdoor bonefishing show and the guide was wearing clothing that if seen from down on the water looking towards the sky he would blend in. He was wearing white pants that would blend in with the sand. The hull of the boat was white and a sky blue color shirt and the same color hat which if looking from below would blend in. Great show it even discussed the angles of approaching the water ways.
- Daniel Gonsalves

Great show. I learned a lot about what I have been doing wrong.
- Ian MacKinnon

He shared valuable information, good program!
- Jerry Hopewell

Good information, Keep up the good work, it is appreciated. Looking forward Brian Chan's Lake fishing.
- Walt Cole

I have read Landon's first book and worked hard to incorporate some o his ideas into my own fishing last season - it was by far my best season yet. I really enjoyed this second show - and have ordered his second book which I am looking forward to reading. I was really happy to hear his thoughts on Sunglass designs and lens colors - I am going to give the copper colored lenses a try.
- David Beach

This was one of your best shows. I plan on purchasing Landon's new book. It would be great to have him back on your show soon.
- Bill Richert

The show was great and I will probably listen o it again!
- Matthew Manchik

Awesome show. I learned a lot. I went out Monday after work and tried some new things and saw some improvement in my fish hook ups! Thank you for having this show! Ryan
- Ryan Spanel

So glad you fixed the balance problem! You nearly lost me b/c of this. Great content,
- David Mastrude

I enjoyed the show very much and learned a lot from the presentation material and also from the answers to the questions. Very informative.
- Mark Griffith

I thought the Landon Mayer broadcast was exceptional. I've been playing this game for 20 years and picked up some very useful concepts which I can put to use. thanks.
- Paul Bowers

Landon is one of the best young fly fishermen in the US today. Great guy, friendly person, with enormous, useful insight into site fishing for our trout buddies. Fantastic show, once again. These are the best a most helpful shows available in this crazy world. God Bless.
- Mark Mathews


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