Reviews for Fly Fishing for Big, Huge, Monster Trophy Trout

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Everyone wants to catch a real trophy sometime. Landon gave us practical and understandable information to do just that.
- Gary Nelson

I'm a beginner fly fisherman and thougbt that trophy trout will be a goal in a few years. Right now I"m focused on the basics of trying to catch just a few fish of any size to "make my day".
- Craig McCulloch

Thanks for having Landon. The dream of us beginning flyfisherman is catching the lunker....
- Wayne Rees

Incredible. Awesome
- Brian Wagner

Yes, I listened to your show, and enjoyed it very much. I got some pointers on fishing down on trout which I have been doing some. I wanted to know what he thought about strike indicators and if he used them or not? I would still like to find out. You send a email and asked were i fished? Well I fish the free stone streams in Western NC. But, right now I am fishing the tailwaters in Eastern Tennessee (South Holston). I have also fished in New York, Penn., VA., and took a trip to Montana and fished the Boulder River as well as some Spring Creeks. Yes, I do enjopy your broadcast and will continue to listen.
- Mike Harrill

I thought the show was great. Landon Mayer is like a walking book on how to catch the trout of a lifetime. He is not only a flyfishing addict but he seems like a true gentleman as well.
- Joe Ciavaglia

The show was informative and the guest was excellent. I learned a couple of tips that I have already put into use.
- Robert Stein

Both informative and inspiring. Also, refreshing because it doesn't apply to one river or drainage. One can run with much of this and apply it anywhere. Pretty darn thorough!
- Bernard Yin

Another world-class show! It is always an absolutely wonderful to listen to someone as respectful of our favorite water-born critters and their cold water habitat. Obviously, Landon has a tremendous love for this sport and the creatures that we pursue. Landon sounds like a professional with 50 years of experience, not one with his youth. Any worthwhile endeavor gets better with age and Landon is one of the best I have heard. He brings, with his expertise with the largest fish in the rivers, a more complete understanding to us fly fishers that always want to understand the species better. Learning something EVERY DAY is what it's all about, in anything you love!! I am sad that Don will not be on the show as often, but am also sure he will do a great job with his new role(s) in the sport. The best of luck to you, Don. You have done an exceptional job with the selection of guests and the interviews, Roger. Keep up the passion and awesome work.
- Mark Mathews

Loved the show. I ordered Landon's DVD and look forward to future shows. You guys consistently have the best people on your show. Your 2 part Jason Borger interview was great also. I'd love to hear you guys talk to the Angling Exploration Group and find out when their Iceland DVD is coming out...
- Michael Nuss

Your interview with Landon Mayer was absolutely incredible. It was certainly the most information-packed interview you've done so far. Wonderful work!
- Kevin Brady


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