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My first thought was to skip this show because we have no high country in Nova Scotia but I took a chance and still learned a trick or two that I can use locally. PS I was too quick trying to answer the question at the end of the show. I knew 4wt rod with 5wt line. Should have waited until you finished the question. I'll get it next time.
- Mark Power

Great show! Mr. Bartholomew was very informative and had a good sense of humor. Great practical ideas - and I am a kindred spirit on going with only the essentials. Thanks for all the work you do on getting these shows out.
- Eric Halloran

Great show. I can't wait to get out west for a litle high country fishing!
- Michael Rossi

I enjoyed the show. What I fould most interesting was his comments about not hiking on your own into the wilderness. I have read all of Rich Osthoff's books and in his book "Fly Fishing the Rocky Mountain Backcountry" he tells of fishing all over the rockys fishing on his own. quite a different approach. I would love to hear him on your show talking about his adventures and his other books "No Hatch to Match: Aggressive Strategies for Fly-Fishing Between Hatches and Active Nymphing: Aggressive Strategies for Casting, Rigging, And Moving the Nymphs" He is a great speaker and your audience would enjoy him.
- Kevin McKanna

I love the show & all of the great info that the guests provides.You can never learn to much about The Craft Of Fishing.. GREAT JOB GUYS...Tight Lines...
- Anthony Cooke

Very informative. I really enjoy the stories and different techniques discussed. Looking forward to the next show.
- John VanArsdale

Your show was great! Content was excellent.
- Mike Monsos

Liked the show, sound was excellent, sounds like a normal guy show not something where people travel the world, rather more local and down to earth/ Not everyone has the time or money to travel the world or best world places but are more localized and fish with friends. Sounds polished and pretty decent.
- Bruce Starszak

Just wanted to say I found your site from a post on I have only listened to one show so far but plan to listen to many more. It will become a part of my fly tying regiment. Thanks
- steve kopesky

Wonderful - Marty has all of the knowledge I desire with the patience needed for the likes of me! His minimalist, yet effectiveness, suggestions - in particular with regards to fly selection (~51 minutes into his podcast) is refreshing and simply PERFECT for not only High Country hike-n-fish anglers, but for ALL flyfishers, regardless if where they may fish. The level of expertise that Ask About Fly Fishing continues to bring to its radio podcasts is amazing, but greatly appreciated! Keep up the great work, and know that this angler appreciates all of you!
- Pete Gramp

This was a very informative show. I have thought about going to the Tallequa area since last year when Dave and Emily were our guest speakers here in Wichita, c/o Flatland Fly fishers. I told Dave he was my good luck charm then, because, in three years then with the club, I had never won any raffle items. It just happened that I won the LL Bean Fly Fishing Handbook during their program, and he signed it with a friendly note , and a drawing of a Largemouth Bass, sporting a 5:00 shadow, as Dave called it. Now to solidify this theory, I have won a three year membership to the Federation, while listening to your interview with Dave! Too cool! I have listened to several of your recorded interviews, and have always found them to be very helpfull and interactive. I can only hope to find more time to listen to more of the live casts. Keep up the good work!!
- Rory Wiske

Dave Whitlock is my all time fly fishing hero; guru; and boy can he catch fish!! This show was terrific and I'll probably listen to it at least 10x again, Thanks for getting Dave on you show.
- Jo Ann Wheatley

Thanks for the tips to fishing CO and the top 5 flies for your highland fishing. I am going to add the soft hackle to my box for the next trip up into the mountains. Your expertise on fishing some of the walk-in fishing has gotten me excited for this summer.
- Martin Kollman


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