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I thought the show was most informative on redfishing [I have 20 yrs experience] enjoyed John's truthfulness.
- Rupert Kuhne

Enjoyed the show. The book is excellent. Thanks for emailing me!
- Capt. Gary Dubiel

Good show, as usual. I especially liked his comments on Louisiana redfishing.
- Kemper Eagle

Again a great show! John gave a lot of information I will definetly have to listen to the broadcast again to take in all the details. My next mission is to get to Florida and get on some reds and try everything I learned. As I listened to the show I spooled line my new Cortland Current fly reel. Tied on the leader and tippet... sorted my new flies...great being a beginner... I got a lot to learn at 56 years old...I took a lot of heat some years ago when I added a bonus bass catagory in a walleye tournament (largest amature walleye tournament in North America)... I was the president and tournament director for the Southtowns Walleye Association of Western New York... I got more heat when I turned pro on a bass fishing circuit... now if the walleye guys find out I own a fly rod.. I might get shunned! I just love fishing..."the tug of a fish is mighty powerful magic, it can heal your spirit and turn men into boys." Keep up the great work!
- Thomas Marks

You can tell John really enjoys what he does and that he's good at it by his enthusiasm. I enjoyed the show and next year around this time I'll be back in Florida north of West Palm Beach so I will plan to look into his book as well as looking up John's services. Thanks.
- Phil Pankow

I liked it alot!
- Anthony Venezia

Great show, learned much about fishing for redfish. Thanks.
- Steve Rader

Great information! Thanks!
- L. Scott Stevenson

The show was fair at best. John Kumiski did not elaberate on anything.A little disapointed.
- Rod Brashears

I loved the show and format. I have not found another show out there that I enjoy as much as this one. Keep up the good work.
- Sean

I thought John did a good job of covering the subject matter. I have fly fished extensively for reds in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana for 15 years. As he points out there are considerable differences in tactics based on which area that you target reds on fly tackle. I had never heard his theory/explanation about redfish distribution relative to barrier islands. Very interesting. Thanks for hosting Capt. John Kumiski.
- Jim Mercer

Great I have Johns first book on redfish, good info thanks.
- John Gilbert


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