Reviews for Fly Fishing The Tailwaters Of The North Platte

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Mark did a fine job of explaining both guided and do it yourself fishing on Grey Reef; especailly enjoyed the link to his web page; followed along with map and fly links, made the show much more easy to follow.
- Kemper Eagle

Very good guest. Useful tips for tailwaters in AR as well as the North Platte.
- William Griffith

Guys, an excellent show, an usual. Mark Boname knows a lot about the North Platte. He's convinced me to change our trip to a time other than late May, we will definetly book one of Mark's guides.
- Silas Gray

Thought the show had good content and was informative for that part of the country. Good, knowledgeable pro fly fisherman. I turned on the AZ Flycasters club to your podcasts and websites.
- Craig Mernitz

I injoyed the show and the question I asked was answered some what. The information that Mark gave was informative and I did learn some new info about the area. I was not pleased to here Mark comment that local guides were better then guides that drive in from out of the area. I fish the North Platte from Casper to the head waters, mostly wading and I am always looking for more info on this great river.
- Burr Wilcox

Another super show. By the way how did you guys end up with such a great hobby talking to the experts on fly fishing. Thanks once again.
- Timothy Schilling

Great show as always Guys! It's disappointing to hear that the Miracle Mile isn't what it was when I fished it over a decade ago but, as Mark said, I'm sure it will bounce back in time. The information Mark provided was very informative and you can bet I'll be listening to the show again the next time I make it back to CO to see my son. When I do, we'll be booking a float trip on the North Platte and Mark's info will be the place where we'll start looking! Thanks again!!!
- Royce E. Van Blaricome

Enjoyed show will try river in late may. How do i put podcast of your show on my iPod [ i have iTunes for pbs podcasts],
- Rupert Kuhne

Gentlemen, Kudos to you on a Great concept and product. I especially found Mark Boname's broadcast on fishing the Tailwaters of the North Platte extremely informative. I was so excited from the original show that I replayed it the next day and immediately called and booked a trip with Mark's profession guide staff. I took that trip the same weekend and caught some of the largest hogs of my life. We only had time on Saturday to take a half day trip. Belive me, every word Mark spoke was true and accurate. We landed in excess of thirty fish of which 90% were 18 to 21 inches and all weighed 3 to 4.5 lbs. What a great trip. Thank You Mark and AskAboutFlyFishing .com "Tight Lines"
- Robert (Bob) Brovege

Your program is great.  I first found AAFF on Mark Boname's web site.  I was looking for some info to plan a trip on the North Platte and found the information on your broadcast to be spot-on and we did very will on our first self-guided float.
- Tom Smith


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