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Great show! Thanks to you and John for taking all the listener questions.
- Sean Baker

I really enjoyed the interview with the inventor of the Copper John, John Barr. Copper Johns have been my favorite nymph since I learned about them while fishing in Montana a few years ago. The fly recipes for John's 3 flies are easy to follow. I especially liked the tip for using the Vis-A-Dun as an indicator fly for Tricos and am looking forward to giving it a try next summer on some streams in Pennsylvania. John's book is definitely on our Christmas list. THANKS so much for the 3-year membership to FFF!
- Marilyn Sheppard

I thought the show was excellent except for the sound quality, I did hear at the beginning that he had land line phone problems.
- John Dwyer

Roger, the show with John Barr was by far one of the best. I really enjoy watching him tie flies and talk about fishing. I learned a lot of great tips from John last night and will be picking up a copy of his new book Barr Flies real soon. P.S. Someone sent in a question regarding if there was a good DVD out there on fly ties and just to let you and the other listeners know John has one out along with Jack Dennis from Cabelas called Tying John Barrs Favorite Flies. It's a great DVD for begginers as well as more seasoned tyers like myself because it offers a lot of interestings tips and is done in a step by step manner. Take care and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
- Phil Pankow

It was a good show. I got some good pointers about how to use the flies that were brought out. I now need to tie them and try them out on the trout here in Campbell River, Canada.
- Roy Moyer

Overall it was pretty good. John was decidely low-key and some of the segments seemed to drone on. I was really surprised that the telephone connection seemed to be a surprise to John. Every time I have organzied a webinar we always had a brief walk-through ahead of time to make sure the participants' equipment and connection was functional. Content was good, which is really the most important thing.
- Gerry Crow

The show was AWESOME!!! John's flies are becoming my 'goto' flies.. Some of his patterns has been some of my BIG fish producers. If I ever could pick a dream vacation. It would have to be fish with John.
- Leonard Keeney

I listened to the recording on Saturday night while tying at home. The topic incited me to tie Copper John flies. It forced me to look up the 'Barr's Emerger' pattern. Good educational information. It sparks additional interest in the topic. Thanks for spreading the vast knowledge through your broadcast.
- Tom Zmina

Good show with good information.
- Steve Schramm

A lot of info, informative. I bought the book and can't wait to tie some patterns!
- Frank Orges

Sir, I am a longterm listener, and love the shows a lot! But for this show about John Barr... Be honest with you! The questions are boring and spent too much time on the fly tying instruction and other trivias. I would want to know more detail about the motivations and the history about developing this amazing flies... Unfortunately, I get bored in this show... sorry... Not try to offend you, just express what I felt about this show... (I missed the Live broadcast). I will paticipated more and give out my suggestions. Thanks a lot for the effort of the show. I did enjoy/learn it a lot and I will continue support you!
- Mark Yuhina

John Barr responded and sounded like he was mentally out of it or under the influence of something. He was unable to respond very well with focus to present himself in a detailed, clear, and concise manner. I just hope he writes a whole lot better than he speaks. Roger did a good job of pulling it together. I am a fan of you guys!
- Scott W. Nelson

Great guest, great info. I'd like to have you schedule more like it.
- Dennis Mochan

I thought it was a great show its always interesting to listen about the different techniques used. John Barr's flies are some of the best, if not the best in the industry. I have used several with great results.
- John Matthews

Great show, keep up the great work. All your shows are great. I work at home and look forward to web casts. Breaks up the days with something more interesting than work. Flyfishing!
- Bob Heptonstall

Great show as always. A fishing friend called the other day and mentioned fishing hopper, copper, dropper rig - I immeadiately mentioned your website and the John Barr program--you got another listener!! and he talks fishing to everybody.
- Gerard Tomasso

I enjoyed the John Barr show, caught the last hour live, then just heard first half-hour. I particularly liked John's giving details of fishing his flies and how he does hopper-copper-dropper.
- Kemper Eagle

It took me a while to listen to the entire show. I download the podcast from I-tunes due to my schedule. I was certainly entertained and impressed with the knowledge that John Barr possesses. How creative can one get? By the did a great job with the interview. I can hardly wait until I get the chance to listen to the next show...Effective Nymphing Techniques for Streams and Rivers with Eric Pettine. Keep up the great work. I enjoy listening to others talk about our wonderful sport.
- Reynaldo Ramirez Jr


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