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I was excited about winning the tape I clicked off the wrong box. I enjoyed the show and picked up some pointers for my April trip.
- ken Bahr

Roger, I really enjoyed what I heard of the show last night. Unfortunately, it seemed that there were technical difficulties at the beginning, because all I heard was music for the first 30 minutes, and then when the show came on the air, you were already half-way through it. I was disappointed in missing so much of the show as the Truckee is one of the closer streams to me, and I'm hoping to get there this year. I have my fingers crossed that the recording captured all of the show! Thanks for putting on this production. I'm a paid subscriber and look forward to every new episode while listening to past episodes nearly every day. Thanks again for such a great resource.
- Lane Mortensen

I really enjoyed your show with Mikey Wier. It is refreshing to get a younger persons view of our great sport. People like him will no doubt, become the "Joe Humphreys" of the future. My grandchildren will grow up appreciating him as I have so many of the fishing greats I read about right now.
- Gary Wagner

My husband and I enjoyed the show very much. We relocated from Alaska to Fernley, Nevada last June and are anxious to fish the Trucker River soon.
- Karen Dobrzynski

I enjoyed it very much because I flyfished It when I used to live in Nor Cal. Highway 89 in Portola,Ca; and Lake Davis is my old spomping grounds. Also Pyramid Lake with the San Jose Flycaster. I was wishing that he talked more about the shooting heads and wolly worms or buggers that you use to catch the Lahotan Cutts in the 9-15lb class. I also know some of the Golden Gate flycasters. Thre Truckee River in Reno along Virginia Street is a great place to fish and it is where newyweds cast coins into the river for luck after getting married. I love the area for fishing and he mention it. Now where he lived in Plymouth, Ca is where I fished the most when traveling along highway 49 along the Consumes River for Smallies. I used to fish pocket water with diptera nympths and catch some nice smallies during the fall of the year some fish weighing in at 3 lbs. I glad you had Mike and the show was outstanding bringing back great memories!
- Daniel Gonsalves

I think your series is great, Of course it was focused on US local situation but that does not stop me picking up tips, and wondering if I should visit the states one day for a fishing trip of a life time. I really enjoyed the lectures on insects or trout fishing because I can relay this to my fishing back at home, Hope the feedback is ok, and thanks for the opportunity to tune in Kind regards Steve from Northumberland, UK
- Steve Goodchild

First of all I like to introduce my self , I’m 52 and fish since I remember myself. Fly fishing to me is a bunch of activity. First you seat in front of your vise ,go trough you materials ( at the moment there is any shop in my country for materials ). Second you just think where is the better place to go and what kind of fish you hope to catch. And the cycle begins! You call friends plan trip and etc. As fly fishing in my country is very young and not so many people know about it, I established GFFC in 2011 (Georgian fly fishing club Unfortunately I don’t live in capital city and leave to manage this club to young and enthusiast boys and they do well! At the same time I decided to found a FFMC (fly fishing master” “club free of charge school for beginners Why am I telling all this things to you?! Because anything we listening anything we know or read on Facebook in the fly fishing community group, helps as (members of club) to grow and collect experience . We opened a mail box in USA because some private persons and some enterprises shared us with us with some materials and tools leftover. For this purpose we have on web site a special page for honored members and special thanks for some how to show our politeness to dose friends! There for I think to share our opinion about to your broadcast or recording of your show will be from our site an polite whilst my boys are not so experienced, but they listening your broadcast and never miss them! Many Thanks!
- Tamaz UlumbelaShvili

Good show. Very informative.
- scott freeburg

Very good discussion with helpful suggestions from Mikey.
- Richard Roessler

I ran across the program by accident really and I loved it!!! I have fly fishing running through my veins and I was very pleased to find this and I think it is very well done, and extremely educational. I love to get people started in fly fishing, which to me is just not a past time, but a art, and a passion. The information given is extremely helpful to not just the beginer, but the people like me who fish at least 200 days a year and more. It can be very hard to find reliable information on rivers, or streams that you have never been to, and this program is a huge help to everyone. Thank you for doing something for this wonderful art, sport, whatever you would like to call it, that was produced for the love of fishing, and not the love of the almighty dollar. Although I have never fished the Truckee river, Mikey Wier did a excellent job. I feel like I could go there right now, and know exactly what part of the river to fish, the terrain, the aquatic life, and even flies to use. If I were you, I would take notes like I did, because the information given is very detailed, and will save you hours, if not days, of scouting a river you have never fished. Extremely well done, and helpful!! Thank you for giving something back to fly fishing. Tight lines, Charlie
- Charlie Horning

I thought Mikey was very informative and detailed in his description of the entire watershed. I have fished the Truckee River a few times and with Mikey's description I could almost visualize myself back on the river. It was a great show!
- Dustin Olson

Great information from a great source. I have met Mikey at other presentations and own some of his videos. I am envious of his personal expeditions to Mongolia and hope to explore it someday. I look forward to additional shows and appreciate your broadcasts. Tight lines.....jimmy
- jimmy lamb

Mikey Wier Rocks
- Frank Alessio

One of your better programs in that Mikey Wier gave a very good description of the River and tributaries, fishing and the terrain. It is no wonder that you ran over time as he didn't leave very much out. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much John.
- John Richmond

Good show. Thanks for the MP3 feed. It allowed me to hear the program on my iPad.
- Jim Kilburn

Hi Roger, I just wanted to comment on the show you did two weeks ago with Rick Hafele. Super show! I listen via podcast as I walk to and from work each day and really enjoyed your interview with him. So much so, that I've probably listened to it 3 times this past week. Thanks for having Rick on the show!
- Tim Cavileer


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