Reviews for Fly Fishing the Colorado River at Lee's Ferry

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Thought show to be very informative about the area being fished.I also like how Wendy Gunn talked of the different camping areas and about getting a guide to get familiar with the area then you could rent a boat to go on your own.I myself prefer the guide because of the knowledge they have of the waters..less time seeking more time catching (hopefully). My thanks to Wendy Gunn and AskFlyFishing for hosting this show.
- Michael Norton

I've found the entire broad cast I've listened to so fare to be very informative and to the point, it's good to listen to a show that gives you the information you wish and not hear the information they wish for you to hear. I find the subjects broadcast to be varied informative and extremely useful in my fishing endives however short they may have been. I have already been informing the members and friends of the clubs I am involved with and many are tuning into the show already. Thank you all, keep up the fantastic show. Thanks.
- Ron Williams

Another great show. You are truly the best flyfishing webcast on the web today. Professionally done, great guest, knowledgable host all combine to make a superior show. If your a fly fisherman and you are not listening to "Ask About Flyfishing" you are missing out on a tremendous resource.
- Chuck Kaminski

I really enjoyed the show [recorded] and was very impressed with Wendy!
- Jim Rubin

The show was very informative. I have talked to friends who have been to Lee's Ferry and I learned much more from that show than I have from my friends. I'm looking forward to fishing Lee's Ferry sometime in the next year or so and now I fell like I will be well prepared. Keep up the good work!
- Robert Johnson

I did listened to your broadcast 'Fly Fishing the Colorado River at Lees Ferry' with guest speaker Wendy Gunn, I appreciated the information and found the chat with Wendy to be informative and easy to listen to, I found the show to be straight forward and direct. I liked the show so much I taped it and have listened to it several times since, I have loaned the tape to two other fishermen from the club, both have stated they will now be listening to the show. Regards and tight lines.
- Ron Williams

I love your show. I listen to it as a PodCast and never miss it. I even submitted a question recently on your show regarding Appalachia fishing. Hope I win one day.
- PJ McElhone

The show was fantastic. Lots of great info on this area. Anyone interested in fishing this area should listen to this show. Learn everthing from guides to flies. Cannot ask for anything more.
- Joe Ciavaglia Jr

Wendy Gunn your interview was so informative. I'm 77 yrs. old and started fly fishing and am loving it. Your description about the beauty and passions really stuck a note. Also, your knowledge of the Colo. River and fishing were extremely helpful. One thing I liked was one day the fish are biting and next they're not. I'm learning that you don't catch fish everyday. But I like being in nature so what the heck. About this show. It was tops. The whole idea that an expert is interviewed and we can ask question is right on. This sport is my new passion in life. Keep up these wonderful, informative, fishing adventures. I look forward to the next one. Wendy Gunn you are a credit to women.
- Barbara Allen

What great information Wendy supplies. Having been to Lee's Ferry, I can truthfully say that Wendy understated the unique nature of their experience.
- Bryan Whiting

Thanks for the advice on bringing a spouse or significant other into the sport. Really enjoyed the show and learning about that area. I can't imagine the boats heading up and down that river, I bet it is a blast to fish. Thanks for an interesting and informative show!
- Martin Kollman


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