Reviews for Angling Approaches for Streams

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Thanks for having Jason back on the show. I'm looking forward to his September return. Keep up the good work.
- Mark Cole

Awsome show the next time I listen I'm taking notes. It's like listening to a Penn State lecture on Fly Fishing.
- Jeffrey Biller

Jason's comments were very helpful, esp. about mending and approaching the stream like a Heron.
- Craig Gutermuth

Great topics and enjoyable programs. Thanks
- Grant Carter

The show was very interesting, Jason touched a lot of topics...
- Federico Wenzel

I thought the show was great, alot of very useful information. The only complaint is the time passes so fast, until next time, hear you then.
- Thomas Burchell

Your show was another testament to great Podcasting. An hour and a half with Jason is like reading a good fly fishing book, you have to continue to return to reread it.
- Mark Mathews

Great show - definitely a "keeper" I'll save this one and listen to it over and over! looking forward to Jason's next appearance.
- Tim Kauffroath

Great Show!! But you should really publicize it! I found out about it by being on Mark's Platte River Fly Shop,in Casper, WYO. web-site.....People here in Mich., would sure listen to it if they knew about it...
- Rob Edwards

I enjoyed the show. As usual it was very informative.
- Royce E. Van Blaricome

Great program with Jason Borger. Very helpful, good questions and good answers. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your program.
- Wendy Neefus

Excellent program. learned a lot of new stuff. especially like the "zap a gap" part. i will put that to immediate use.
- Anthony Acosta

I really enjoyed your interview with Mr. Borger. You all did a great job. Interesting and informative. Thank you - your program is appreciated.
- Bob Fink

All of your shows are great!!...Im looking forward to the shows you're going to do on Michigan and Scotland Trout and Salmon...
- Rob Edwards

Great Show Guys !!!
- Rod Brashears


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