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First time listener and thought it was very good session and opened my eyes to the technique of the drop shot idea and two flies, one being like an emerger on top. Cool to here Kelly try to follow up on my question and willing to post on the site. gold ribbed and drop shot
- Paul Heberling

Awesome show.. one of the best I have listened to.. a lot of really good useful information!
- Larry Kudryk

Great show. I like the basic shows that give a lot of info to the average fisherman. Great guest
- Harold Wilson

Learned more about nymphing and will try it next week weather permitting. always enjoy your show especially when its about something i can use. cant wait until next show. Going to Pyramid Lake in Nevada next month to fish for Lahanthan Cutthroats and always wanted to hear a show about them.
- ken bahr

Good stuff - enjoyed hearing Kelly's latest info. I've watch most of his DVDs and he included some new stuff. Enjoyed the show and I'll try to call tomorrow. You emailed me to set me straight on the day the show was to be aired. Thanks
- Craig Williams

That was one of the more enjoyable and informative pod casts you have done yet. That man is an icon in our sport. Thanks for bringing it to us.
- Bob Carpenter

Hi AAFF, The other night was my first attempt to listen to the show. I finally figured out how to connect with the discussion that was under way. I will try the tech that Kelly suggested as well as using his rationale for an emerger on the top spot in the drop shot tech. As he noted in his closing remarks he posted the diagram on his web site and I appreciated that as well. Surprised to be a first time listener and have my attempt to get a clarification resolved...good on you guys and Kelly. On another note I originally stumbled on to your show by searching for a once fellow worker Rick Hafeley and see that he has had a few discussions on the show too. I was trying and am still trying to connect with him as our watershed council may be getting into using macro-invertebrate compositions as water quality indicators and thought he might be able to suggest various taxonomic keys for such. I once did some taxonomic work in Minnesota and imagine the keys might be a little different for critters here in the Umpqua. Anyway...intend to learn and apply more from listening to your show in the future. Thanks
- Paul Heberling

Great Show. Kelly is a good friend. I met him when he first bought the Slide Inn. He is a wealth of knowledge about all fishing, particularly nymphing and streamer fishing. I caught the biggest fish of my life last summer on a streamer I tied from his Articulated Streamers DVD. If anyone is fishing the Madison and doesn't stop in to just B.S. with Kelly, you are doing yourself a disservice. If you're lucky, you may catch him at his tying bench.
- Rick Arambula

One of the most informative episodes yet. Kelly is a great teacher. You guys will have to do High Stick Nymphing II
- Jeffrey Biller

This refers to Gallop's interview when he discussed high stick nymphing. Overall I thought it was pretty good. His rig to quickly adjust the upper fly to test where in the water column the trout are feeding is very interesting and worthy of a try.
- Richard Bauer

Great show by a very good expert ! I will try his drop shot nymphing next trip !
- Richard Roessler

It was Great
- Karl Howard

GREAT SHOW, I just finished tying up some drop leaders from the write-up Kelly posted on his web site. I'll be giving them a tryout on the Upper Sac this week. Hope the bottoms-up approach helps me detect the takes better and cuts down the number of lost flies.
- Cheryl ONeill

Roger, Thank's for the Kelly Galloup interview, it was great. His understanding of what's happening through out the water column, and the use of a drop shot makes good sense.
- Walt Cole

Was great, entertaining and i learned a lot i'll probably lose less flies now and keep the flashy one on top
- jermany Ruprecht

Kelly Galloup is THE big name in fly fishing today. One of your best shows ever.
- Gil Hassen

Too many questions on fly patterns and only a few minutes on streamer presentation strategies ! Rich is a super fly tyer, with fabulous patterns. Maybe you need him back to talk about stripping strategies in different water situations.
- Richard Roessler


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