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Mike Lawson was really interesting. Keep it up! I can't wait for the next one!
- Lyle Graff

I have Mike's latest book in my fly fishing library and met him at the Fly Fishing Show in Denver. Mike always has interesting and informative things to say. Good Job!
- Gordon Rothoff

Congratulations on an excellent first show! Audio was superb and the information Mike Lawson imparted was most interesting and useful. Wishes for a long run. I'll look forward to listening in on the 5th.
- Tim DeMott

Enjoyed your brodcast, looking forward to the next one. Thanks again.
- Fred Petro

Since I fish spring creeks in Oregon, I found the information very good. I will be listening to future programs. It was great to ask a question and hear the answer. Plus I won the drawing!
- Eric Bellwood

I've waited for weeks for the first broadcast and could not have been more pleased with the results. This a real need in the flyfishing fraternity. It was very professionally done and Mike was a real delight to listen to. I can't wait for the next broadcast.
- Richard DeMott

It was a very informative progam. I am in the mode of trying to learn all I can about the sport and I appreciated the information.
- Ted Christie

Regarding the Mike Lawson show I commend you. I'm a guide and a technologist, so I think this is a perfect marriage of two things I love, and Mike was a very knowledeable guest. Thanks again and "see" you next time.
- Bob Zasuly

Great Show! I really enjoyed listening to Mike Lawson's interview on Fly Fishing Spring Creeks. You've got a great site here providing an awesome service to fly fishermen worldwide. Top Notch Content! I look forward to your upcoming shows!
- Michael Conquest

Hey guys, cant tell you enough how much I enjoyed that...Please keep it up, I am huge fan of this site.....Maybe as we approach Winter and Fall of 06, we could maybe get some Steelhead tips,tactics??? Hint Hint......anyways it was a pleasure to listen to....Thank You again
- Joey Rogers

I very much enjoyed your show on Spring Creeks with Mike Lawson, but do have a remaining question. Mike mentioned that for stream fishing he normally cuts back a 9 foot leader by a foot and then adds 3 feet of tippet to create an 11 foot leader. I would like to know his normal rig for fishing with a dropper. Does he normally simply add an 18 inch dropper tippet from the 11 foot fly-leader? Perhaps, you could forward this message to hom. Thanks.
- Jordan Konisky

Great show. I appreciate what you do. In effort to avoid southern california traffic, I commute on the train each day and am catching up on all of the great shows that I've missed. I heard about your podcasts via a search on iTunes. I am relatively new to fly-fishing, having less than 40-days on the water. I'm rapidly reading and listening to everything I can until I can get back out on the water. My fishing to date has been trips to the Henry's Fork in Idaho and the Madison in Montana. In addition, my first trip was a 2-week vacation in Patagonia. What a great way to get started in the sport! Anyway, I love the shows, especially the interview with Mike Lawson. He is a terrific guy and the folks in his shop are extremely helpful.
- Brian Benedict


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