Reviews for Fly Fishing For Trophy Trout On Stillwaters

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It came in handy. I am planning on taking my pontoon float out next weekend, (Have to work this weekend) weather permitting. I hope that you have him back again to keep up his thoughts on float fishing.
- Joe Drab Jr

I want to thank you for latest and greatest of shows. I beleive you are doing a great job at bringing education, conservation, and support for our local fisheries.
- Tim Schilling

Team USA stuff is awesome!! Thanks
- Brian Capsay

I learn something from each of your shows. I write the newsletter for my fly fishing group, Stonefly Maidens, and You give me ideas of topics. We are involved in CFR, and I was interested to hear about Healing Waters, and Family Tyes. Keep up the good work
- Karen Erde

Denny is a true expert who has the ability to clearly give us the information that he has discovered over years of fishing. Your best speaker to date. Please invite him back to tell us more.
- Von Miller

I learned a lot from Denny's show. It was very very good. He talked about so much variety in the aspects of fly fishing and flys. Thanks.
- Andy King

Great show I learned a lot!
- Rod Brashears

Great show. Great topic. Great info. Thanks for doing this one.
- Rick Fahrenkrug

Excellent show! I'm going to listen to it a 2nd time! Thanks for randomly choosing me as a winner in your drawings!
- Paige Olson

I live in an area with many lakes but few rivers. Your broadcast with Denny Rickards was very informative and encouraging. Great show!! Thank you.
- David North

It was okay.
- gary cain

I listened to the Denny Rickards show. Found it very informative, Thanks for podcast archive.
- RJ Roth

Caught the show late, but thought is was great. Keep the great information coming!
- Kevin

The shows are a fantastic wealth of information. Keep up the good work.
- George Muff

Just finished listening to Denny Rickards broadcast, "Fly Fishing for Trophy Trout on Stillwaters". His broadcast was most informative giving question to several beliefs on techniques and patterns. His practical approach to fishing for lake trout makes me want to run out, find a suitable lake and give them a go. Thanks for having him on the show.
- John Wheatley II

I have to write in - first time, I've ever written to a PodCast. Your show is simply AWESOME. Your guests are amongst the best in the world, they are great communicators and great teachers. I am just beginning in Flyfishing, so some of the subjects such as the Fly fishing tournaments info are a little beyond me, but still very intersting. But others such as the Casting and Presentation / How to fish Still waters were right on the money. I am learning so much - thank you.
- Tony Bickley

Very informative, Well Done!
- Yitzack Satat

As a life long student of fly angling, I find all of the programs to be a great resource. Thanks!
- Scott W. Nelson

Great show, really enjoyed the information and quality of your broadcast!!! Looking forward to more shows.
- Robert Champagne

Excellent show from one of the best. I started fishing some lakes and reservoirs more seriously two years ago and have much to learn. Denny's show provided much really good information that I hope I can remember and put to use. I'm ready for spring.
- Peter


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