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I listended to the re-broadcast. There was not time, then, to sit thru the entire program. Chico is a warm and down-to-earth interview. Being a Jerseyite, I don't know when I'll be able to take advantage of his snook pearls.Maybe I should wish for global warming to make NJ subtropical. Is he available to guide? That info may have been available - if so, I missed it.
- Bob Nunn

That was a great show. If you get the chance you should definately have him on again.
- Jim Burns

Gentlemen, I got to listen to the show on the rebound and it was great!!! Thank you for both a fine show and for asking Chico my question about deer hair and marabou. I wish y'all a very Merry Christmas.
- Jeaux McMahon

Absolutely awesome, great show.
- Bob Heptonstall

Wonderful audio with a good mix of lore, and line, knot, and presentation information. Hope to hear from Chico again soon.
- Neil Signorelli

GREAT show. I still learn from Chico. He is one of my favroite speakers. Fishing knowledge is not passed by anyone. Equipment,and how to is the best you have had on so far. Thank you.
- Allen Crise

This was an excellent program. Chico was very informative and a pleasure to listen to his description of snook fishing. As was indicated near the end of his broadcast I would encourage you to bring him back for a follow-up broadcast.
- Don Dailey

I listened to the re-broadcast, as I will be in Marco Island in two months. Fabulous primer on what I should prepare for the trip, A to Z. this is the first time I have listened to Chico, and now will certainly go out of my way to hear him in the future and looks for his book when it comes out. Thanks.
- Jim Hawes

I enjoy your show, and have ordered your book in hopes of catching my first bonefish. Headed to Cancun. Any recommendations on flyfishing guide service out of Cancun or Progreso?
- Rick Mynatt

Hi Chico, I hope everything is going well for you. Thank you for intoducing me to Dave Olson at the Flyfisherman in Orlando. Please say Hi to him for me. I don't know if you remember me but, you fished with me with Troy Perez in Mosquito lagoon when I won the chance to fish with you at the Shallow Water Fishing Expo. I won't ever forget it. It changed my fly-fishing forever. Thanks.
- Kevin Kram


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