Reviews for Fishing Wet Flies, Old School Still Works

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Great show, thanks so much. Bill is fascinating to listen to!
- Dan Dolquist

Great show as always. I do use wet flies as well as dry flies. I look at my fly box as a tool box. You use what tool you need. Also another good knot to use in my opinion would be the George Harvey Dry Fly Knot.
- Phil Pankow

Enjoyed. First time listner. Will tune in for the next broadcast
- Daniel Sherfy

An absolute great show.I have been fly fishing for some 12 years and I can't remember ever using a wet fly, but I can guarantee you that I will soon.Thank you Roger and Thank you Bill "Arkansas" Edrington.
- Rod Brashears

Excellent show. Not long enough.
- Mark Stevenson

I really enjoyed the show. This is the first time I have listened live. I have saved several of the archived shows and I listen to them over and over while i am working on my computer. Fishing wet flies is somthing I would like to do more of and this show encouraged me to get going. Thanks.
- Kenny Gilman

Great program. Always enjoy Bill. First heard/met him (and Larry) at out New Mexico Trout conclave several winters ago.
- Mark Kalin

Yet another absolutely amazing show, with a virtual icon from the Arkansas drainage, in Colorado. Bill Edrington has shown, even on a previous show, and in print, his expertise in this trout area of the west. Thanks once again to you, Roger, for organizing such a wonderful show for your passionate listeners!!!! I look forward to getting to know the Arkansas better in coming years, since I intend to relocate there someday.
- Mark Mathews

Bill, I have now listened to your show for the 5th time and keep going back to pick up on all the stuff I have missed. Thanks for the great information on wet flies and I am pumped up to fish them even more after just being turned on to them this last year. I have learned a ton from your interview and a few locals like Davy Wotton. Great recommendation on the books too. Now I just need more time to fish.....
- Martin Kollman

Bill Edrington is great. I've listened to the podcast three times - so far.
- Silas Gray

I really enjoyed the show. I have always fished mostly with wets and I learned some new tricks. If you can, I would like to hear more shows on classic flies/techniques/equipment.
- Jason Klett

This is the first show I've listened to. Great show! I really enjoyed Bill's comments. I have a bunch of wet flies just hanging around. I'm going to start using them! Thanks for a great show.
- Arnie Superchi


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