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Hi, I enjoyed the show very much. Bill Edrington gave a lot of information on his knowledge. I'm glad he was willing to share it. I plan on making the spring hatch next year. Your show is terrific and I like the chance for winning one of the gifts as well. I will continue to listen in.
- Terry Earp

Great show, Thanks
- Thom Underwood

I thought the show with Bill Edrington last night was a hit! Bill has a ton of valuable information and not just about the Arkansas. I think you guy's asked all the right questions (as did the listeners) to help us novice anglers. I hope you have more shows like this one.
- Joe Jimenez

I did listen to the show. I found it very informative. I plan on listening to the repeat show a couple of more times. I did send in a question and Bill answered it. In fact I went into the RIO web page to see if I could find the tippet he talked about.
- Joe Drab Jr

I really enjoyed your show with Bill Edrington. I would have enjoyed it more if I'd been the one who had won his book! LOL Even though I've fished the Caddis hatch on the Arkansas River for many years, I learned something new, and for that I'm really glad I listened.
- Mark McKenzie

Just listened to the broadcast of your show on caddis fishing by Bill Edrington and it was quite worthwhile to me. I took up fly fishing about 8 years ago when I retired, but was a rather slow learner to all the intricacies of trout fishing until I started tying my own flies about a year ago. I am getting better (more knowledgable), but still have a long ways to go. Bill's discussion of fishing the caddis fly sure moved me along much quicker than a number of the books I have read. It also reinforced the enjoyment I have when fishing soft hackles which I just started a couple of months ago (with great success). Anyway, I look forward to more broadcasts regarding fly fishing for trout.
- Charles Ray

Outstanding! I certainly appreciate all the advice and the expert tips. While I don't fish in Colorado, I believe the information presented is applicable across the board. Thank you!
- Rob Brown

Awesome! The Arkansas is my favorite river. I have fished it for 10 years and learned more last night than I could have in 10 more years. Great show.
- Thomas Faulkner

It was great! I'll be fishing the end of the Mother's Day Caddis hatch on Bill's home waters in two weeks. Now I know what to tie and what to bring on my trip. Can't wait to meet him.
- Dale Connally

I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive, informative information on fishing the caddis and other conditions. I guide locally and am constantly learning. I look forward to further broadcasts
- Len Anderson

I really enjoyed the presentation and can't wait for the next.
- John Larsen

Great Internet Radio Program!!.....The Arkansas River is one of the rivers that I fish, so his suggestions hopefully will help me be more productive and catch that larger fish that we all seek. It's great to hear the questions from other parts of the U.S. and other countries as well. I've seen Bill Edrington's book at my favorite fly shop, so that looks like my next purchase as well. Keep up the good work!!
- Gary Weigel

Great show, helps pull things together. Thank you.
- Todd Anderson

I just came across your podcast last night on the iTunes store and listened to it tonight while working out at the gym!! Can't wait to let my Dad, brother and flyfishing friends know about your site and the Internet radio show. Really good stuff. The session on fishing the caddis that I listened to tonight was absolutely incredible. Thank you and please keep it up, Tight lines!
- Joe Luppino

Hi, I listened for the first time to the live broadcast. This broadcast was 'Fishing the Caddis Fly for Trout' which just happened to be perfect for a Fly Swap I was hosting on MSN's FlyFishers For Christ (FFFC). The Swap is a Dry & Dropper for which I am tying the Mikulak Sedge with my own version of a Pupae below. With that intro, let me comment now specifically to the program. First of all I found the program and the guest to be extremely informative. I enjoyed the program immensely. I also very much appreciate your taking my question during the program and answering it. Once again I just want to say, "Bravo Zulu!" The program was great. Very informative and helpful. I've even saved it so I can go back from time to time and listen to it again. Thanks and God Bless,
- Royce Van Blaricome

Sorry this is so late but I just got time to listen to the broadcast. I learned some things I did not know about caddis. Bill was very informative. I guess I must learn to fish with a trailer it sure seems to be one of the roads to success. Thanks to Bill for acknowledging two of my favorite fishing writers, Gary LaFontaine and Gary Borger. I anticapate hearing Gary Borger on your show. Don I am still waiting for the post cards so I can spread the word here in Eastern PA. Both of you are doing a great job with this so keep up the good work. I am looking forward to the next show even though I will probably never fly fish in salt water unless Don forces me.
- Richard DeMott

Thought the show was great, very informative, and was presented in a way that was easily understood.
- Tom Landry

Hi Bill, First my credentials for my following comment: I'm a retired professional stream ecologist with over 45 years experience studying stream ecosystems. My comment has to do with your comments that infer and propagate the myth that insects, including caddisflies, hatch at a certain temperature. In fact, they hatch when they have accumulated a sufficient number of degree-days during their maturation from egg to the immature form just prior to hatching. A degree-day is the average water temperature for a given 24-hr period. Thus, two days when the stream averages 20 degrees results in a total of 40 degree-days. This continues until the insect has acquired the necessary degree-days to complete maturation. It is merely a coincidence that when the Arkansas, for instance, hits the magic temperature at which everybody says that the caddis hatch, they have in reality acquired the number of degree-days needed to emerge. Small variations may occur because of the temperatures during the year, but, on the average, they reach their thermal regime at about the same water temperature each year. That also explains why the hatch moves upstream; it takes longer for the insects in the colder, upper reaches to accumulate their necessary thermal history. Now that also doesn't mean that you can put some caddis eggs in a dish, heat it, and get the necessary number of degree-days in a very short time. They do need time for organ development! I've been jousting with this windmill for some time, and I'm sure it will never sell with fishermen, but I thought you'd like to know the real story. Dave Allan and I explain this more fully in our book "Streams: their ecology and life", published by Academic Press. Next point: Where did you get your informtion regarding the correlation between oxygen content and hatching? This is new to me. Nit-picking points: The word "caddis" is not capitalized in a sentence, and "caddisflies" is a single word, not split as shown in the description of your book. Same for mayflies and stoneflies, but not black flies or crane flies since they are true flies. Hope you find this of interest. I'm not sure how this system works in relation to corresponding, but in case it doesn't list my contact info and you'd like to pursure any of this, below is my information: Dr. C. E. (Bert) Cushing 105 Cherokee Ct. Estes Park, CO 80517 970-577-1584
- Colbert Cushing

The show on Caddis very interesting. Wonderful information. Keep up the good work.
- john okulick

This is one of your best programs to date. I had a great time listening to Bill and got a ton of information on everything I have been wondering about fishing/tying caddis and some trick for tackling the river. I am excited to make my next trip out his way and see what my wife and I can do. Thanks for another great show!
- Martin Kollman


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