Reviews for Behemoths of the Great Lakes

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Great show. Joe was very entertaining and very informative. Even though it was on fishing the streams of the Great Lakes, it was applicable to our waters of the great Northwest.
- Christopher Bentsen

I enjoyed your show with Joe Butler very much. You asked the right questions, and Joe didn't hold back--especially on flies and strategy, and his assessment of the streams. Great job!
- Kemper Eagle

Great Show!! I learned a great deal about my home waters. Keep up the good work on flyfishing internet radio...It's SUPER!!!
- Ray Markiewicz

Show was great... I've gotten a new appreciation for hunting for "him". Joe Butler was a great guest.... Keep up the excellent work.
- Jim Conway

Overall a very good show. I would suggest it would be helpful to have Joe's fly patterns posted on line so we could see what they look like. Tying insructions would be nice.
- James McCartney

So far I've only been able to listen to half the program. As usual it's been great! Just being able to have Joe's phone # handy for the future was worth the time to listen. But that is not to take away from the other great information the Joe and the program provided.
- Royce E. Van Blaricome

It was an excellent and very informative show. Butler's comments on where to catch the "behemoths" was no surprise, I always knew that stream that runs almost through my backyard was one of the best.
- Thomas Marks

This was GREAT listening and inspiring.
- Bernard Yin

I grew up on lake Ontario and witnessed the devestating pollution during the 1960's and early 1970's. In the early '70s I remember catching my first rainbow trout in a small stream that we fished regularly for coarse fish and rock bass. I live in British Columbia now and love fly fishing the lakes here. Joe Butler has rekindled my interest in fishing the streams of Ontario again. I look forward to showing up on my brother's doorstep with flyrod in hand. I would be interested in seeing a picture of your dragon/damsel nymph as well as your dead egg pattern. Thanks for a great show.
- Dave Ouellette

Another great show guys, too short as always! Keep up the great work!
- Kent

Excellent show. I live near a Great Lakes system so I found the information very relative and helpful. Good stuff.
- Zak Fow

Once again you guys pulled off another great show. I've known of Joe butler for sometime. I haven't heard much from Joe in a long while. Thanks for bringing Joe back to the surface. Excellent interview from both sides.
- Timothy Schilling

Great show, extremely informative and interesting. I have been to Alaska, Chile and BC, but Joe got me thinking about the Great Lakes!
- Adam Neale

Great show!!! I can't wait for it to be October again.
- Paul Pochak

Great report on the New York streams. Very informative! Where can I get the instructions for tying the Joe Butler version of the Damsel fly larvae?
- Dennis Mohan


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