Reviews for Fly Fishing For King Salmon In Alaska

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Great Show. I have worked in Alaska for 20 yrs and still learning about fly fishing. Thanks.
- Bill Thomas

Thank you for a great show. This was the first show that I have been able to listen to and will not miss another one. Thanks to Pete Parker for the tips. I fish Alaska and you always learn something new.
- Thomas M. Glynn

The live broadcast just happens to fall on my Fly Fishing/ Tying Club night, so it was my hope to get to these shows soon after BUT I was easily distracted with other activies and constant interuptions while I tried to listen to these. I FINALLY found the solution. I purchased an iPod this week, specificly for listening to these podcasts. It works out beautifully and now I'm through about nine of the shows so far. I have a number to go...but I can enjoy them now on my own time without interuption and can come a go from them as I need to. To date I have enjoyed each and every show I've heard and have learned a considerable amount from each. I'm glad they are stored so I can go back and listen to them agian and agian. There are a lot of tidbits in there that I can use constant reminders about. LOL. I don't get to travel too much to exotic fishing spots, so these shows don't have as much for me as the "how to" shows, which I find extreemly informative. I really enjoyed the show on Carp, as I'm an avid carp on the fly angler myself. I live on a warm water tributary and fish for dozens of different species...but carp have to be one of my favorites. Steelhead are up there with them. Thanks for putting on these great shows. I'll keep loading them onto the iPod so I can take them with me where ever I go.
- Deb Freele

Great show! The one and a half show flew by, very informative.
- Ryon Kustes

Pretty good show, a little slow in the discussions. I would like to hear Pete's take on fall Michigan salmon ( on the Pere Marquette).
- James McCartney

Great show, enjoyed it a lot. Like to meet Pete someday.
- Bob Heptonstall

Hi, I like the way this program goes, good questions and answers very interresting explanation by Pete Parker - he takes time in his answer to to tell us what we should do in this situation. Thank you again for this program.
- Mike Boutet

I'm sorry, I can't say I was overly impressed. It was interesting, but the guest speaker seemed to have his own agenda. I would have rathered he stick to answering the questions. This will not deter me from listening to the next broadcast. Thanks
- Mike Bailey

Need to get Pete back for an encore. Great show-- spell bound
- Chuck Pigos

I am a guide at Goodnews River Lodge Alaska. I thought that Peter Parker's show was very informative. He did an excellent job and covered all the bases.
- Ryan McClash

I thought the show was great. Pete is a lot of fun to listen to and very knowledgable. All lot of people claim to know what their talking about but Pete is confident and when I get another crack at fly fishing in Alaska I'll have a better base of knowledge to go by. Thanks again for the great show.
- Phil Pankow

The information was good. I became most interested when we were directed to the pictures of the flies because I could relate to what I was hearing with the visual offered. This was my first listen so I am not sure how you do your other shows. I believe that having a visual (series of pics, power point or even just a web page) to follow while the conversation rolls along would be a significant benefit to the program. I look forward to the next show. Thanx.
- Dave Ouellette

Great Show! I WILL get to Alaska one of these days and you can bet I'll listen to this show again before I go!!
- Royce E. Van Blaricome

It's a really great show. I am now addicted to podcast like actual flyfishing. I will download all the stories and listen in my car and on train.
- Naoto Kaiba


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