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Guide flies - Landon

Good show. Chock full of useful information and if you don’t tie a jig leech, you’re missing big fish.
- Stuart Van Dorn

Great 411

Thank you for the great shows, Roger. You always have awesome topics to discuss with top pros in the flyfishing field.
- Charles Card

Guide Flies

Wow! what an excellent interview. So many interesting questions and Landon provides such thoughtful and articulate answers. What a gentleman. Well done! Keep up the good work!
- James Crosbie


- Walter Welty

Guide Flies

Landon does a excellent job on defining how many flies you really need in your fly box. I think he is ahead of the game when it counts more on the materials you use which bring your streamer ,nymph or dry fly to life . This also can lead to less time in tying a fly. Roger you also do a excellent job in bringing these shows to fruition. Thanks Bill Greenwald
- William greenwald

Landon Mayer Guide flies

Great show! Learned a lot and hope to put it to use when I travel to Colorado. I was excited to have my question read (Ron from Berwyn Illinois). If you talk to Landon tell him I’m friends with “Kenny from Southpark” played high school football together. He has guided Kenny in the past.
- Ron Fiala

Landon Mayer presentation

Landon never fails to offer good insights on fly fishing. It was a very good presentation. Thank you, Gill
- Gill Realon (FFCOC)


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