Reviews for The Driftless Area of Wisconsin

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Geri Meyer

I really enjoyed the show!! I’ve stopped in several times at the fly shop and have fished the area . Luckily I have a nephew in La Crosse. Geri Was so right on about the craneflies!! Thank for the show!! Gary
- Gary Norton

perfect storm

I always look forward to hearing Roger and his guests. I always feel that I have learned something I can incorporate in my own fishing. I attempted to score final exams during the interview with Geri Meyer and since I also had a bunch of editing to do, I decided my responsibilities required me to focus on work and I stopped listening. It was a perfect storm of sorts. Grades are now determined and I will definitely tune in to hear Roger interview Phil Rowley.
- Phil McCartney

The Driftless Area

I enjoyed the presentation quite a bit. We have visited the area, along with Geri's shop, previously. We'd like to visit again.
- Paul King

Driftless Area, WI

Thought it was good especially learning what area constitutes the Driftless area. Also learned about specific rivers and flies to use. Sounds like a good area to visit early or late in the season with lots of choices of places to stay and fish. Informative.
- Steve Bush


Lots of great intel Need to listen again with a note pad at ready Thxs DP
- David Patzke

Geri. Driftless

Being a Tenkara angler I really would like to travel there from the knowledge Geri imparted to us. Thank you.
- Walter Welty


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