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Great show
- Beryl

Fly Fishing Central Wyoming

Excellent. Thorough with a guy who really knows his stuff.
- Terry Ferguson

Great presentation!

Great talk by Blake highlighting the incredible fishing on the N. Platte in Wyoming.
- Dave M

Well done

Excellent discussion of public and private sections, seasonal fishing etc. Enjoyed it, and he's personal in his speaking approach. Richard
- Richard O Roessler

Great Program

Wonderful and in depth. Excellent, makes me want to go fish there.
- Chris Preston

Fly fishing central Wyoming

One of your best shows. Thanks.
- Jim

Blake Jackson

I thought Blake did an excellent job talking about the different areas of the North Platte to fish. Being fairly new to the area his comments was very helpful in deciding when, where and what to use on my next trip to the river.
- Randy L Ford

Fly Fishing Central Wyoming

Really enjoyed Blake’s educational talk of the North Platte. He was very concise and informative, and added many local knowledge details like what stream doesn’t have sculpins so don’t use those patterns. This type of info is very helpful for visiting anglers. He is a good speaker and I can tell from his talk that he is an honest guy. If ever in the area I will certainly consider getting a guide from his shop.
- Craig Myers


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