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Fly Fishing Writing

It was interesting to hear how others approach writing about fly fishing. Always tidbits to learn. Wetted my appetite. Thanks again. Eric
- Eric Silfen

Skip Morris

5 stars. By allowing the discussion to include Skip’s backstory as well as some of yours, the context of his journey as a writer flowed together very well. Thank you for great interviews. Listen each week.
- Rich Stanton

Skip Morris

Great show by Skip Morris. As you would expect an engaging an complete show from his fly tying, and special flies to his new book and travels. One of the greats in the fly fishing world. Thank you Skip!
- Phil

500 trout streams with Skip Morris

As usual an excellent podcast. I was sorry when it ended.
- Tom Meyer

500 Streams

I enjoyed listening to Skip and his stories of writing. I’ve only read one or two of his older books so I’ll be doing some more winter reading. I totally enjoy the broadcasts.
- Bill

500 Trout Streams

You did a good interview with Skip, so much so that I look forward to reading the book when it becomes available in hard copy. I do not do Kindle.
- Roger Campbell

Skip Morris.

I enjoyed learning about his personal life and his diversity and challenges in becoming a writer.
- Walter


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