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Fly Fishing Southern Belize

Excellent! soup to Nuts. Roger did an excellent job fielding and asking pertinent questions to cover the topic.

Charlie Leslie

Good stuff about the bite of the permit.
- Aaron Culley

Informative and charismatic

Charlie Leslie was incredibly generous in sharing his extensive knowledge of fly fishing in southern Belize. He didn’t hold back on the details that are so important for success. His humble and “down to earth” delivery was a welcome change. Thank you.
- Ed

Fly Fishing Southern Belize

Fantastic: Charlie was incredible. I learned a lot about the area and Belize etc. but also about permit fishing in general: tide, moon phase and time of day to fish. INCREDIBLE!!!! One of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. I want to hear it again. THANK YOU! Captain Wayne MacMasters, DPT Cobia, Reds and big Speckled Trout on Fly, Chesapeake Bay
- Wayne Allen MacMasters

Fly Fishing Southern Belize

Great show. One of the best.
- Al Moore

Charlie Leslie

Charlie Leslie Southern Belize
- Wayne Johnson

Charlie Leslie

Very informative and interesting. Charlie is truly an exceptional fly fisherman with the ability to express a great deal of his knowledge.
- Walter Welty

Fly Fishing Southern Belize

The program was extremely informative! Hearing Charlie speak about permit fishing was the best - while he spoke I could visualize my cast, the fishing coming up to the fly, my hook set and ... best of all ... I actually caught a permit!! Thank you for such a great program with Charlie.
- Donna Wichers

Fly fish southern Belize

After an initial dicey connection my reception came in good. Really informative and entertaining interview with Charlie. His knowledge is incredible and he sounds like the type of guide I would love to fish with. Belize sounds like a country that would be easy to get around in for an English speaking tourist too.
- Bill Prasil

Permit Fever!!

The blow-by-blow account on how to present your fly to a permit was awesome. I could feel myself shaking with the anticipation of the take. Great job Charlie!
- Andy Cordova


A terrific show with Charlie. Directly addressed questions with clear specific answers. And so knowledgable about his fishery and country. A pleasure to listen to -- and it was great to hear a Belizean talking about his/her fishery - a more intimate perspective.
- Steve Born


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